Product Review: The Natural Pet Company Feather Toy Megapack

20131108_173455Happy Sunday everyone! I got another goody to review for you. This time it’s the Feather Toy Megapack from The Natural Pet Company.

When The Natural Pet Company emailed me and asked if I wanted to test this, I just had to say yes. We love feathers and we love wands. What could be better than feathers on a wand?

20131108_173522You might look at this and think, well that’s just like all the other feather toys on the market. And you’d sort of be right. They’re about the same price, but the Feather Toy Megapack comes with three different feather attachments, not just one. Also, the feathers seem a little denser and sturdier than the others. With a destructo boy by the name of EK trashing all our feather toys, we were hoping it would hold up better. And it did.

So far we’ve only tried one of the feather attachments. We went crazy playing with it. Even Candy enjoyed it, and she usually won’t play with wand toys. I have a video I tried to post, but it just won’t process.

These aren’t the best pics in the world, but here are pics of us playing with it.

For some reason, the string keeps getting all twisted up and mom has to untwist it. Also, the feather attachment keeps flipping upside-down and the string gets caught in the feathers. So it does have a downside. But the feathers are holding up to destructo boy quite well. Considering it’s only $9.99 right now on Amazon, it’s worth the price. It would make a good holiday present for your kitties.

So that’s it for today. I got some more reviews coming, so I might do a Wednesday post. Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the Fancy Feast ornament. The odds are looking good right now for anyone who enters. So far, I don’t have anywhere near 20 entries and there are 20 ornaments to give away.

Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer: we got the Feather Toy Megapack for free to review. We were not paid for this review, and as always, our opinions are our own.

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