Orijen Cat Treats Update

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re enjoying the warm the last few days, but more snow is due tonight. Glad I don’t have to shovel it! MOL!

I did a review a few weeks ago of Orijen cat treats (Product Review – Orijen Original Cat Treats). I wanted to do an update because there’s now a link to the treats at Chewy.com, and we got to taste test another flavor – Regional Red.

We were thrilled to get to try another flavor. Candy and I loved the last flavor we got to try, but EK wouldn’t eat it. Well guess what – he ate the Regional Red! If you don’t believe me, I have proof. Just look!20140121_203508We’ve tried so many different treats – at least two dozen different kinds – and EK wouldn’t eat any of them. This is the first treat we’ve had that EK will consistently eat.

So that’s our update. Mom’s added the treats to our autoship order, so we get to have them all the time. Woo hoo!

That’s it for today. Have a great week every one!

Disclaimer – We got the treats to test for free from Chewy.com. We were not compensated in any way for this review. Our opinion, as always, is our own.

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  1. I’m telling you guys, these are the best treats. Mom’s tried a lot of brands and a lot of flavors, but this Regional Red is the first one that EK will eat. We inhale them. Candy and I loved the chicken flavor, too, but mom really wanted something all three of us would eat. I wanna try other flavors, too.

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