I’m 5!

20140622_020707Hi everyone! I’m 5 today! I’m resting up for my pawty later. I’m hoping I get fried chicken for my birthday.

We actually don’t know what my real birthday is, just that I was born in September. Mom picked September 9 cuz it was easy to remember. EK was also born in September, so we actually share our birthday. I guess I’ll have to share my chicken with him.

At least I don’t have to share my gotcha day with anyone. Candy and EK were adopted together so they share a gotcha day. I just realized, EK doesn’t have a special day that he doesn’t share. Candy has her own birthday, I have my own gotcha day, but EK has to share both!

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

15 thoughts on “I’m 5!”

  1. Happy Birthday PumpkinPuddy! I hope you get a lot of fried chicken. One time when I went to my old vet, on the invoice they listed my birthday as September 8th. Even though we only celebrate my Gotcha Day in January, I did get a present.

  2. Happy Birthday Pumpkin and Happy Gotcha Day EK. Woohoo – celebration time. M was just thinking that it was this month that your mom came to visit. She’s trying to remember if that was last year or two years ago . (Her mind is gone),. Anyway, we wish we had that to look forward to again in a couple of weeks. M said to tell you the highway is almost done with construction, so the next time you come, it should be easy going!

    1. Thanks Mario. It was last year that mom came to visit. She looks at the picture book she made of the trip every once in a while cuz she had such a good time. Hugs to M & D.

  3. Happy Birthday Pumpkin! Five is a great age and you’ve been such a good big brother to EK and Candy. I hope you get some fried chicken, even if you have to share it. Then again, sharing with your siblings is part of the birthday fun.

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