Book Review – Finding Mya: He can’t live Happily Ever After without her

20141026_120539Happy Sunday everyone. We’ve had pawsome weather for October – lots of warm sunny days and open windows. Today’s chilly and windy so mom put the fireplace on for me. I checked the 10-day forecast and it’s supposed to be pawsome! We’re having the best fall ever.

Picture from book listing
Photo by Kimberly Koz and borrowed from book listing.

You know I do lots of reviews. My favorite reviews are of books, and I have a real good one for you today. Kimberly Koz was nice enough to send me a copy of her manuscript to her newest book, Finding Mya – He can’t live Happily Ever After without her.  Part of what makes this book so special is the artwork – all the drawings are done by 7 year-old Mya Campbell and the photos are all by the author, Kimberly Koz.

Finding Mya is about the special relationship between Mya and Herman. While Mya and Herman (and all the other animals in the book) are real, the story is just a story. Well, a very special story.

Herman is part of a litter of kittens Mya’s grandmother is fostering until they’re old enough to adopt. Mya helps her grandmother with the kittens, and forms a special relationship with Herman. They’re both heartbroken when Herman is chosen to go to a forever home. Mya wants Herman to go home with her! They vow to find each other again.

Herman’s new home has a dog that plays too rough with kittens. Herman runs away from his new home before he ever gets in the front door. Along the way, he learns some hard lessons and has a lot of adventures. I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that he and Mya eventually find each other again. After all, if they hadn’t, there wouldn’t be a story to tell!

The book shows the power of love, friendship, trust, and having faith in all those things. The illustrations are charming. It’s only 78 pages long, but somehow in those 78 pages it touches on so many themes. It’s a positive, uplifting story about overcoming adversity and living happily ever after.

We all enjoyed this book, even mom. I think this book would make a wonderful gift for little sticky people and cat lovers of all ages.  The holidays will be here before we know it and this would be a pawsome holiday gift. Finding Mya is available at

I received this book for free to review. As always, all opinions are my own. No one tells this kitty what to say!


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