Easy on Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re having summer in February and I got a stroller ride yesterday! I got to walk around too. I also rolled in the grass and dirt and Mom had to clean me up a bit before bringing me back in the house. I also got a nice brushing last night.

I usually don’t do memes, but I happen to have a purrfect picture for Easy on Sunday.

20150130_231723How’s this for getting my easy on? The basket came from Mom’s work. She put our extra blankies in it and was gonna put some toys in it too and take it to a shelter, but I decided that basket full of blankies was an excellent sleepy place. I guess the basket is staying instead of going to the shelter. I should feel bad about that, but I’m so comfy in this basket I just really want to keep it. *embarrassed ears*

It’s another beautiful sunny day today and we have the windows open for fresh airs. I love open window days.

That’s it for today. I’m going to get back in my basket and take it easy. MOL Have a great week everyone!

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