Review – Greenies Smartbites for Cats

Hi pals. Happy Sunday! It’s been raining almost every day since the middle of April. Can you believe it? It never rains like that here! I’m not talking about afternoon 15 minute rains like we’re supposed to get – I’m talking about raining really hard for hours and hours. Hail, lightening, thunder, you name it. It’s not supposed to rain like that here.

It’s so nice to have mom and Oliver home again. Two weeks is too long for them to be gone all at once. Mom’s almost done sorting pictures and making her picture books. I’ll blog about them and post links to the photobooks when they’re done.

Picture courtesy of
Picture courtesy of

I got another yummy from to taste test – Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control for Cats. We got two flavors – tuna and chicken. They’re made with real protein and help with hairballs. Here’s what the website has to say about them:

Key Benefits

  • Dual-textured treats with a delicious chicken flavor
  • Real chicken protein promotes healthy metabolism
  • Balanced fibers to help minimize hairballs
  • Features a Fiberblend Formula of plant-based fibers
  • Made will only natural, healthy ingredients
  • Made in the USA”

Mom liked the looks of that. Me, I just know they’re Greenies and Greenies are good (and good for me). One big issue though – we normally won’t eat treats more than once or twice before we turn up our noses at them. Well, we ate the Greenies the first time mom put them out and we’re still eating them. Look!

20150510_141928They really do help with the hairballs, too. Only problem is, the hairballs aren’t coming out the way mom would have preferred – in the litter box. Instead, they came up on the carpet.

Uh Oh. I made a mess on the carpet.
Uh Oh. I made a mess. This is what was left after the kitty sitter cleaned up the worst of it.

Mom came home from her trip and saw that and just about had a cow! She had to get out the foamy monster to see if the monster would eat up the stain. It did!

Nice and clean.
Nice and clean.

So, Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control taste good, are good for you, and clean up fairly easily. That sounds like paws up to me!

That’s it for today. I hope the rain moves to somewhere where it’s needed (like California) and leaves us alone for a while. Have a great week everyone!

We got the Greenies for free from Our opinions, as always, are our own.

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  1. That is a lot of rain. I am glad you like the greenies. 🙂 My cats like the catnip dental ones.

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