Anderson Park

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend. I know I am!

Ready to get out and explore!
Ready to get out and explore!

Yesterday, Mom took me to Anderson Park. I haven’t been to the park all summer because it’s either been raining, too hot, or mom was busy. You can’t imagine how excited I was to finally get to go out! I love going to the park and walking around. It’s so fun to explore. Mom’s friend, Chris, and her cat, Stanley, met us there.

I was having a great time walking around, exploring grass and leaves and all kinds of plants and things. Then I found a really cool log and wanted to go in it, but mom wouldn’t let me. I got mad and pulled right out of my brand new Hello Kitty harness! Mom wasn’t fast enough to catch me, but Chris was. I guess that’s a good thing even though I didn’t get to crawl in the log. It would have been terrible if I had gotten lost. I guess I won’t be wearing that harness again.

Mom took lots of pictures of me and Stanley.

After we were done at the park, mom took me to Petco to buy treats. I got to eat a whole bunch of them when I got home. Nommy!

That’s it for today. Happy Labor Day to my pals in the USA and have a great week everyone!

8 thoughts on “Anderson Park”

    1. Candy and EK don’t like going out either. I’m the only one that wants to explore the great outdoors. They don’t even like going out in a kritter condo.

  1. My human always tests the harnesses before I go somewhere that’s totally outside, and she only puts on the ones that are extra hard for me to get out of! The rest of them are known as “inside” harnesses – that means if for some reason I get out of them, it is easier to catch me since I can’t go very far since I am indoors somewhere – a hotel or someone’s house. I have a nice Hello Kitty harness but it is definitely an “inside” harness. Looks like you had fun, log or no!

    1. You’re right about that! Hello Kitty gonna be my indoor harness too. I have one I can’t slip out of, but I don’t like wearing it so I hide when mom goes to put it on me. I like the Hello Kitty so I don’t run from putting it on. I guess I need a comfier outside harness than my walking jacket.

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