Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Mom’s on vacation the whole week and isn’t going anywhere so we’ve got mom home with us all week. That’s the best Catmus present we could hope for.

Mom’s friend Chris was over last night. They made liver and onions for dinner. I don’t know how they can eat that stuff. You couldn’t pay me to eat that. Anyway, we had a small miracle while Chris was here – EK came out of hiding and joined the rest of us. He even let Chris pet him! He doesn’t let hardly anyone but mom touch him. I guess miracles do happen!

We got a little bit of snow and it’s furry cold. We have the fireplace going. I love the fireplace. I curl up right in front of it and soak up all that lovely heat. Mom’s a little stingy with the heat so the house is usually chilly. I take every advantage when the fireplace is running.

That’s if for us. I hope everyone has a pawsome holiday.

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