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Hi everyone! I’m Pumpkin. I live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I love to go for adventures in my stroller and to talk to my furriends on Twitter. I’m a barktender for #nipclub, #pawpawties, and other events. I live with my mom (who spoils us rotten), two fursibs, and some stuffies. I’m the only one who blogs and goes on Twitter, but sometimes I’ll share with my fursibs or stuffies. My real brofur and I were rescued from a trailer park by a friend of mom’s. She kept my brofur and I came to live with mom. I think I got the better end of the deal.

In addition to adventures and Twitter, I love to play fetch. I can chase toys for hours. Mom’s pretty good at throwing them, too. My favorite is to bring a toy upstairs, have mom drop it over the railing, and then I go racing down the stairs after it! Needless to say, I’m in very good shape from all that running!

This is my sisfur Candy. She was also rescued from a trailer park, but not by mom. She and my adopted brofur were rescued by the nice people at Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary. Mom met them at Blogpaws West 2010 and when it came time to find a fursib for me, she went straight to Duncan’s Place to pick one out. She was only supposed to come home with one fursib, but Candy and EK (you’ll meet him in a minute) were so bonded to each other, mom couldn’t split them up and took both. What a softie.

As you can see, Candy is rather fond of heights. She’s all the way up by the ceiling. Her favorite toy is a fevver butt mousie with nip in it. She can toss it around and wrestle with it forever.

This is EK. EK is short for Evel Kneivel. He’s a real daredevil of a kitty. He looks so angelic when he’s asleep, so you wouldn’t know that he’s a real Tasmanian devilboy. You know, like on Bugs Bunny. He goes through the house like a whirlwind.

EK’s favorite toy is whatever one of us is playing with at the moment. We have enough toys for a whole shelter, and he has to play with whatever one of us picks up to play with. He’s a stinker boy, but we love him anyway. He’s also a very good climber.

So that’s the three of us. Of course there’s also mom, but she doesn’t want to put her picture up. If you go through the blogs, she shows up from time to time. MOL OMC! I almost forgot the stuffies. There are seven, Treasure, Evie, Barnabas, and Oliver that came from the U.K.; a kiwi that @rumblepurr sent us from New Zealand; a kangaroo I got from @JessieJaney in Australia, and Lippe Jr. the Wookie. They go with mom on adventures to places where I can’t go. I let them blog from time to time, too.

Thanks for visiting!

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