I’m just too smart for my own good.

Mom took me for a walk in my stroller yesterday, and decided to let me have some running around time outside the stroller. Well, I figured out how to get out of my harness and almost got away. Mom packed me up into the stroller again lickety split!

We’re walking back to the house and the next thing Mom knows is my little head is sticking out of the stroller where the cover unzips. That’s right, I figured out how to unzip the stroller cover. (Now I know why Mom makes me wear a harness and leash inside the stroller.) Mom zipped the stroller back up and got me home really fast.

Mom ordered this new harness and leash for me. For those who know her, this is Baby Patches mom’s site.
Mom’s hoping I won’t figure out how to get out of this one. If I do figure out how to get out of it, I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore walks outside. And I for sure won’t be getting any out-of-the-stroller time. I’ll post a pic of me in my new harness when it comes. Mom got blue to match the stroller.

Purrs everyone!

My first blog!

This is my first post in my new blog. My name is Pumpkin and I’m 7 months old. I live with my Mommy in a nice house in the suburbs. When I look out the back door I see a big field and all kinds of things live in it. I’ve seen lots of birds and bunnies. There are coyotes, too. I haven’t seen them but you can hear them howl at night. There are also hawks and falcons and eagles. With so many things out there that like to eat kitties, I’m not allowed out by myself.

But I do get to go out! Mommy bought me this really cool stroller. It has lots of windows so I can see out in every direction. Mommy puts a harness and a leash on me for extra safety and we go for nice long walks. Last time Mommy even let me get out of the stroller. The ground felt weird and I didn’t like it and I got back in the stroller really fast.

Here’s me in my stroller:

Here’s a picture from my first vet visit. I’m really tiny in this picture.

I’m much bigger now. I’m almost all grown up!

That’s it for now.