Saturday Photohunt – Swanky!

I don’t usually blog on Saturday, but I have the purrfect picture for this week’s photohunt theme, swanky. Check this out:
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My pal @chrisgroove1 donated this dress and a shirt for a prize at the last #nipclub monthly pawty. @furkidparent won it, but they don’t have any kitties. They thought it would look pawsome on me and donated it to me! Wasn’t that wonderful of them? And they were right – it does look pawsome. And swanky. I think I look furry swanky.

I’ve never had a dress before and didn’t think I was going to like it. Mom put it on me and I didn’t try to take it off or wriggle out of it. I guess I’m more of a girly girl than I thought and like getting dressed up. MOL!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t know what I’ll blog about yet, but I’ll find something. I always do.

Write a Post, Help a Dog – Pedigree Adoption Program

For the second year in a row, we’re participating in Pedigree®’s ‘Write a Post, Help a Dog’ blog hop. More than 4 million dogs become homeless each year, and Pedigree® is doing something about it. You can participate too! You can even win some cool swag from Cosmo Havanese over at To Dog With Love. How, you ask? Just follow the directions below, copied from Cosmo’s post.

“For every blog post written about the Pedigree Brand’s commitment to pet adoption from now until June 30, Pedigree will donate a 17-pound bag of dog food to shelter dogs via Rescue Bank, a national pet food distribution program.

Here’s how you can help and win! … easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Write a blog post mentioning Pedigree’s commitment to adoption and finding loving homes for shelter pets.  You can mention anything you see in this post and get more ideas on what to write from our post announcing the Write a Post, Help a Dog campaign. You might even want to include a video like the one we included below (we love Betty White!)
  2. Next, link up your post to our blog hop. You’ll find the link at the bottom of our original post or go direct to the Blog Hop linky here.
  3. Enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway to help spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog and win a special Dogs Rule prize pack, details below!(sic)”

Of course the details aren’t really below. You have to go to Cosmo’s blog for the rest of the details. I checked it out when I was over there, and if I was a doggie or had a doggie furriend to give it to, I’d definitely want this prize pack.

So get busy cuz June 30th is just a couple days away! Write you post, join the Blog Hop, and head over to To Dog With Love to enter the Giveaway!

Remembering the Way We Were

Pals have been posting their baby pictures today, so I thought I’d join the fun. Here are some pics of me and of EK & Candy when we were kittens.

Aren’t we adorable? You may squee now.