Blog the Change 1/15/12

For my first Blog the Change post for this year, I have lots of questions, but no answers. But I think these are things we should be talking about. The issue is kill shelters.

Lots of pals and people in the anipal twitterverse keep talking about how kill shelters should be closed down. I’m not sure that’s the right solution. There aren’t enough shelter places now for animals that need them. I think we should be talking about how to transform these shelters into no-kill shelters. This is not a simple undertaking, and raises a lot of questions about how to accomplish this.

Some of the questions that come to my mind are:

1. How to educate the general public to think of animals differently to start with?

We live in a disposable society. How do we teach people not to think of animals as a disposable commodity when people treat everything in their lives, including each other, as disposable? How do we teach people that pets aren’t toys, that adopting an animal is a lifetime committment?

2. Where will all the money come from?

The process needs money – lots of it. Money to run the shelters so they don’t have to kill the animals they can’t adopt out in order to make room for more homeless animals. Money to educate people of the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Money to help families in trouble in these difficult times so they can keep their beloved family pets. Money for school programs that bring animals into schools so kids can learn about them as living, breathing, loving creatures. Money for support of TNR programs. Money to find ways to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals being born in the first place.

3. How do we change the philosophy of how shelters are seen?

Many still view shelters as a place to solve a problem. There are animals running loose around town. We gotta round ’em up and get ’em off the streets! Can’t find homes for them? Kill them! Problem solved. I don’t think that’s how shelters want to run, but some of them are under pressure to run that way. I feel so sorry for people who work in those places. Their hearts must break every day being forced to make decisions they don’t want to make. How do we get people to see shelters as places whose focus is to rehome animals, not as places to dispose of unwanted animals?

4. Am I even asking the right questions?

This is a huge issue. I don’t even know if I’m asking the right questions, much less what the answers are. I just don’t think closing kill shelters is the answer when we need more shelter spots than we have. What do you think?

Thankful Thursday – A Salute to Pepi and Michele

Hi pals. I know I don’t usually post on a Thursday, but mom’s home today and can type for me!

So that’s the first thing I’m thankful for. Mom’s been on staycation this week which means we’ve all gotten lots of extra cuddle time. I even got to go out in my Kritter Kondo the day it didn’t rain.

Mom used a lot of her staycation time out in the yard. I’m embarrased to admit that our yard was very sad looking. Mom cleaned it all up, put fresh mulch out, and planted some new flowers. The yard looks much better. I’m thankful Mom did that so that we kitties have something pretty to look at out the windows.

I also want to say how thankful I am that we have @PepiSmartDog and his wonderful mom, Michele, to help out all our pals that have gone OTRB and to bring some comfort to their families. They’ve been all too busy this past year. Sometimes I don’t know what we’d do without them. It takes an awfully big heart to do what they do. So I want to say thank you to Pepi and Michele for all your wonderful work. *stands at attention and salutes*

Today is the second anniversary of Pepi’s crossing. In his honor, his mom Michele wrote the most beautiful tribute to him. My eyes are still leaking from reading it. Please stop by there and read it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Pepi’s 2nd Memorial OTRB.

This is a blog hop that was started by Cokie the Cat to honor our dear friends Pepe and Michele. I hope you’ll join in.

Pedigree Write a Post, Help a Dog

I learned something new today. Pedigree has a program to help people adopting dogs! They can help you find a shelter, gives you a month of food if you adopt, and they have all kinds of good info for helping you adopt a dog. The details are here:

That’s not all they’re doing to help shelter dogs. Pedigree is resurrecting it’s insanely successful Write a Post, Help a Dog program. In 2010, 391 bloggers wrote about the program and with each post, Pedigree donated 20 pounds of its Healthy Longevity dog food to shelter animals. In all, 7,820 pounds of food was donated to two shelters renowned for their care of senior dogs: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco and Castaway Critters in Harrisburg, Pa.

How you can help in 2011

Simply spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog 2011 and once again Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of food for each blogger’s post.  Here’s all you need to include in your post:

  • The Write a Post, Help a Dog program is aimed at raising awareness and food for the more than four million dogs that wind up in shelters and breed rescues each year.
  • For each blog post mentioning the Pedigree Foundation from now until midnight ET on September 3, Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of its new dry Pedigree recipe food for dogs — its best recipe ever — to a shelter, because every dog deserves leading nutrition.
  • The Pedigree Foundation — a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization is committed to helping dogs by providing grants to shelters and rescues and encouraging dog adoption. This year the Foundation has already raised more than $376,570 against its goal of $1.5 million to carry out its work to fund grants that not only help shelters operate, but to further shelter innovations.
The Pedigree Foundation depends on charitable contributions from individuals to carry out its mission to help dogs find loving homes. In addition to writing a blog post, here’s how you can help:
We’ll make it even easier to spread the word
Feel free to copy and use anything from this post, including all images. (HINT: double click on any image to see it at full size, then save it to your computer or post).

Then, link up to our Blog Hop below, hosted by the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers to help spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog.