Guest Post – Caring for Your Cat

Happy Tuesday! Today I have a guest post for you from Diana Hutchinson, the founder of

Caring for Your Cat

Having a cat as a companion is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences one can have during their lifetime. To make the most of this time, you should make sure you have the ability and knowledge to fully care for your much cherished feline friend. Cats might seem like they’re very independent pets, however they require proper care in order to become good and friendly feline friends in your home.
Although they are more self-sufficient than dogs, they can be very loyal if you just put in enough effort and lots of love. You need to keep the cat healthy, feed the cat well, get the necessary preventative treatments, play with your cat, and such other things. By doing these things, your cat will always feel loved and much appreciated. In this article, we have compiled the top tips about cat care.

Get Special Medical/Preventative Treatment for the Cat in Time

how-to-care-for-our-feline-friends-03In case the cat becomes ill, you need to take her to the veterinarian. While signs and symptoms of sickness usually vary between different cats, you should immediately contact your vet if you notice any of these signs: cloudiness, discharge, rubbing of eyes, or redness in the eyes; itchiness, or discharge in the ear; breathing difficulties or persistent coughs; bloody urine, spraying urine, or excessive urination; digestion problems, diarrhea or vomiting; seizures, confusion, lethargy, or restlessness; and such other signs.

Feed Your Cat Properly and Regularly

how-to-care-for-our-feline-friends-04You should consider feeding your cat two to three small meals which are saved throughout the day. Also, offer your cat some treats once in a while. Your vet can assess your cat, and determine the ideal diet. In order to feed your cat properly, you should consider purchasing an automatic cat feeder. An automatic cat feeder can be very good idea for busy cat lovers who cannot always be there during the cat’s feeding time. The cat feeder dispenses food gradually according to the timed program and the dictated quantity and the type of food.

Make Sure Your Cat Gets Enough Water

how-to-care-for-our-feline-friends-01The body of the cat is actually made up of about 70 percent water. It is important to always supply your cat with fresh water. Since cats are instinctively attracted to flowing and running water, you should consider installing a cat water fountain. Cat water fountains are constantly filtered and circulated, so water tastes fresher and stays clean. Your cat will naturally be drawn to the flowing and filtered water in the cat water fountain, encouraging her to drink more. This helps ensure your cat drinks enough water and stays well hydrated. Staying well hydrated keeps the cat feeling her very best, and helps prevent kidney, urinary, and other health issues.

Keep Your Cat’s Coat Looking Good

how-to-care-for-our-feline-friends-02Although most cats tend to stay clean and rarely require a bath, you should groom your cat on a regular basis. Regular grooming keeps your cat’s coat looking good, clean, and even reduces the overall amount of shedding. Grooming also helps stimulate the blood flow and offers a great time for bonding with your cat. If the cat has relatively long fur, you can use the pin brush. If she has short fur, you can use a flat brush. You can use a small, triangular shaped type of brush for the smaller areas around the face and ears. In case you prefer using a comb, you can go for the wide toothed combs for long fur, and fine toothed combs for short fur.

My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of
I have more than 10 years experience in nurturing and caring for cats. I love them. They long ago became important members of my family.
“A home without a cat is just a house”

Photos courtesy of Diana Hutchinson.

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A Visit from Pip and Puddles

bucket2Happy Sunday everyone! I have a very special post for you today. My pal, Pip, isn’t doing so great and it probably won’t be terribly long before he goes OTRB. Pip’s made a bucket list of things he wants to do and places he wants to see in the time he has left. I was hoping he’d want to see Colorado so I invited him to come for a visit. He said yes!

So Pip packed up his little red car, and his friend/nurse/driver Puddles, and headed for Colorado! I don’t know about them, but I had a great time showing them the sights. The first stop was downtown Denver. We went for a carriage ride, visited the Botanic Gardens, and visited the Kong factory. Pip was furry excited to see where Kong toys were made. (You can biggify the pictures by clicking on them.)

On the way back from downtown, we stopped at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to see the bison.RMANWRThen we went back to my house. I showed Pip and Puddles to the guest tent. It had nice comfy pillows for them to sleep on and I loaded it up with toys for them to play with. Look!Guest tentPip and Puddles slept really well in that tent, and the next morning were raring to go! We had so many places to see that instead of taking the car, we borrowed the Lake with Petie transporter. Otherwise we’d have needed a whole week to go everywhere!

We headed for the mountains. We started out in Estes Park where I took them to the Stanley Hotel. For those who don’t know about the Stanley Hotel, it’s the hotel Stephen King stayed at that inspired the book The Shining. From there we went into Rocky Mountain National Park and over Trail Ridge Road. We came down the other side of the mountain into Idaho Springs. There’s all kinds of great shops and restaurants there. But what Idaho Springs is really famous for are the Indian Hot Springs and Tommyknocker Brewery. Then we went up to the top of Mt. Evans. The road up to Mt. Evans is the highest paved road in North America! It’s 14,240 feet at the summit.

That was a lot of places for one day, but there was still more to see! So we got up furry early the next morning, jumped in the car, and headed south to Colorado Springs. First stop was the Air Force Academy. We posed on a jet and saw the Chapel. From there, it was on to the Garden of the Gods. It’s a gorgeous landscape of red rock formations, desert plants, and an amazing expanse of sky. If you go there you’ll understand how it got its name. I guess we kind of went from one chapel to another. The last stop on our tour was the Olympic training center. Pip wanted to ride the bobsled, but there was no snow.

I’m thrilled Pip and Puddles were able to stay long enough to see so many things. I just wish they could have stayed longer, because I had so many other places I wanted to take them. But I guess that would have been selfish. After all, I know there’s lots of other pals that want a visit from Pip and Puddles. So I guess I was lucky there were able to stay as long as they did.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did. Have a great week everyone!

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue Yappy Hour

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue

Got a special Saturday post for you guys. Mom’s friend, Heather, works with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. They have a special event coming up, so I decided I’d interview Heather for my blog and tell you about the event.

Me: Tell me about the event you have coming up.

Heather: We’re hosting a Yappy Hour at Vincenza’s Italian Bakery & Deli on July 12 from 6 – 9 PM. Yappy Hour is a happy hour where our Cocker Spaniels bring their people to socialize. A complimentary beer or wine and appetizers will be served. Since we will be outside on their patio, all furry friends are welcome. Here’s the invite: Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue’s First Yappy Hour

Me: What’s the mission of Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue?

Heather: Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue is a non-profit group dedicated to saving Cocker Spaniels from being euthanized and to promote the breed. Yappy Hour is one way we can get donations from people while, at the same time, having a fun social event.

Me: How did you get involved with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue?

Heather: My husband, Tim, and I had a cocker spaniel early in our relationship. Lady was Tim’s dog when I joined their house. She was in our lives for a number of years before having to be put down due to cancer. While we were in Georgia, I happened to drop by the local county shelter (we had been kicking around getting a friend for our lab/rotty). I met Fozzy Bear and immediately fell in love. We adopted Fozzy and brought him back to Denver with us. That following summer, we were at the dog event at the Botanic Gardens and came upon a booth for the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. After talking to them for a while, we decided to volunteer to be fosters. Shortly after we got our first foster dog (Charlie Brown), our Fozzy died suddenly from liver failure. We ended up adopting Charlie and later, Beauregard – the RMCR’s mascot dog. In the past two years, we have had over 25 dogs in our house and have helped find them all forever homes.

Me: You found homes for over 25 dogs in two years? How pawsome! Thanks for stopping by to tell us about Yappy Hour. I hope you get a full house!

So pals, if you’re in the Denver Metro area, please join Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue for Yappy Hour on July 12th at 6PM. And whether or not you’re in Denver, please help me spread the word. It’s a fun event for a great cause!

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue