Thankful Thursday – My Pal Dougal

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I have a great home, fursibs to cuddle, and the best furriends a kitty could want. One of those furriends, @frugaldougal, went OTRB yesterday.

Artist - Robin Bisha. Used with artist's permission.
Artist – Robin Bisha. Used with artist’s permission.

What made Dougal special? He was a little dog, but had the biggest heart in the world. Dougal, and his mom Lynn, were among those who started #pawpawty and showed how much one little dog could accomplish in this big world. Their efforts raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help anipals everywhere. More importantly, they inspired all of us to each do our little part to help, too. And when thousands of anipals each do a little thing to help, that adds up to a whole lot of wonderfulness!

Mom and I had the opportunity to meet Lynn at Blogpaws West 2010, right here in Denver! Lynn is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and an inspiration to all of us. My heart breaks for her at losing Dougal. I hope the love we’re all sending her way will go a little way towards helping her heart heal.

Every night when I look at the stars, I can see all my OTRB furriends winking back at me. I know Dougal’s star will be the brightest one out there!

Good-Bye Sebastian

My dear furriend, Sebastian (@Seabasscat on twitter) had to be helped to go OTRB late last night. He’s been sick for a few days and the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So rather than see him suffer, his folks, Amy & Lee, decided this is what was best for him, even though it broke their hearts. It’s the hardest decision any pet parent has to make.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy when I went to Blogpaws 2 years ago and Seb has been my furriend almost since I started blogging and tweeting. Seb was a dear sweet thing with a ‘senstive soul’. If you’ve read his blog (Sebastian the Sensitive Soul) or talked to him on twitter, you know what I mean. We’ve had many a good time on twitter and on G+. I’ll miss Seb’s sweet nature and kind heart. *hugs*

Amy & Lee lost everything to a fire just a few months ago. They managed to save Seb and his guinea pig sisfur, Dottie, but nothing else. Now they have to go through this – it’s just too much. *leaky eyes*

I know Seb is in a good place and not suffering anymore, but my heart’s still broken. I miss him already and I know Amy & Lee are devastated.  My love to you, Amy & Lee (and Dottie of course). Mom sends her love too, and so do Candy and EK. I hope all the love coming to you from the whole anipal community can bring you some comfort. I know time and remembering will eventually bring back your smiles.

I’ve seen a couple of pawsome blog posts out there about Seb. One is over at A Tonk’s Tail… err, Tale… and one is over at Mario’s Meowsings. So many pals love Seb that I’m sure there will be others before the day is out.

For my dear furriend JinJin Rubinoff

There’s a new star in the heavens, and a lot of sad hearts here on earth. Our dear furriend, JinJin Rubinoff has run off to the rainbow bridge. JinJin was furry special and had a great big heart! She was a wonderful furriend to many anipals and made the twitterverse a much better place to hang out.

There’s something special I like to do for anipals that come from Jewish families – say Kaddish. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a prayer that’s said for many different reasons and each reason has it’s own variation. The variation I’ll say for JinJin is called the Mourner’s Kaddish, and is said by people (and anipals) mourning the loss of a loved one. The prayer isn’t about death, but about life. It praises the lord and the good things that come from him. There’s an excellent article over on Wikipedia that has the different versions of the prayer including a translation. Head on over and take a look when you get a chance.

It may seem funny to say a prayer of praise when you lose someone, but Jews believe that sadness always comes with happiness, and happiness always comes with sadness. We praise the lord when we lose someone, and commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem at celebrations. Life is always about duality, life and death, happiness and sadness, darkness and light. You can’t have one without the other.

I’ll be leading Kaddish for JinJin at #nipclub tomorrow (5/17) at 9PM ET. I hope you can join us. Zichronah l’shalom (remember her in peace).


Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba,

Beʻalma di vra khir’uteh veyamlikh malkhuteh, beḥayekhon uvyomekhon

uvḥaye dekhol bet yisrael, beʻagala uvizman qariv vʼimru amen.

Yyehe shmeh rabba mevarakh leʻalam ulʻalme ʻalmaya.

Yitbarakh veyishtabbaḥ veyitpaar veyitromam veyitnasse

veyithaddar veyitʻalleh veyithallal shmeh dequdsha, brikh hu.

leʻella min kol birkhata veshirata tushbeḥata veneḥemata

daamiran beʻalma veʼimru amen.

Yehe shlama rabba min shmayya,vehayyim aleinu v’al kol yisrael; v’imru amen.

ʻoseh shalom bimromav, hu yaʻase shalom ʻalenu, v’al kol yisra’el, v’imru amen.