Blogpaws 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! Mom went to Blogpaws without me this time. But she did take Lippe Jr. and Barnabus. And Mini Breeze is visiting us so he went along too! They had a great time, got to visit with lots of friends, went to some great workshops, and brought home lots and lots of goodies. In fact, there’s way too many goodies to review them individually, so I’ll be reviewing several things at a time. But for today, there’s just some pictures. I’ll let Barnabus tell you all about it.

Barnabus here. The hotel was the Westin Lake Las Vegas and it was spectacular. We had an awesome room with a patio outside. It was so relaxing. It was worth the trip just for the hotel. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason we were there. I’m only going to post a few of the over 100 pictures mom took. I’m not posting any of the embarrassing ones. At least not today. Maybe someday in the future when I have nothing else to post about. *wink* MOL!

Mom was really excited when she saw what we won from the Catification Lounge. It’s covered in sisal, which is EK’s favorite thing to scratch. When Mom unboxed it EK jumped right on it and started scratching. None of us have used the hideaway part yet, but we probably will eventually.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Road Trip Day 6

Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome to day 6 of our trip.

M drove us up through Door County, which is on the little thumb of Wisconsin that sticks out into Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful drive! The trees were just starting to turn colors, the weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful day. We bought presents for mom’s friends for Christmas and some presents for Kirsten, too.

One more installment to come – days 7-9. I know I said it was an 8 day roadtrip, but I counted wrong. *embarrassed* What can I tell you? I’m just a little wookie. I don’t count so good. LOL See you tomorrow!

Road Trip Day 5

Hope you’re having a great Saturday. I’m up to day 5 of Mom’s and my road trip to Green Bay. This was the big day. We went to Green Bay for 2 main reasons –  to meet @mariodacat’s M & D and to go to Lambeau Field! We’re Packer fans in our house. Of course the Broncos come first on our list of favorite teams, but the Packers are on that list too.

More than any other field still standing, Lambeau Field has a lot of history to it. So to see the stadium and the hall of fame there was fantastic. There’s history everywhere you look! Statues, stuff on the walls, photos and murals, and mountains of memorabilia! Of course, mom went photo crazy as always. And I got a Packers sweatshirt! Mom had to buy a little bear to get the sweatshirt. She took the shirt off the bear and asked the salesgirls to give the bear to a little kid. The bear found a very good home with a two year old boy who fell in love with it!

So now it’s picture time! As always, mouse over to see captions and click to biggify.

Lambeau Field was so exciting! But that was just the first part of the day. After we were done there we picked up M and went out to lunch. Mom loves being by the water. So after lunch, that’s where we went. We went to Communiversity Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. Sorry for all the bird pictures. Mom’s obsessed with taking pictures of birds, especially in flight.

You’d think that was enough for one day, but the day wasn’t over yet! It was D’s birthday, so Mom took M & D out to dinner. We had ribs. They were sooooooooooooooo nommy.

Hope you can tune in tomorrow for day 6!