Road Trip Days 3 & 4

Happy Friday everyone. Well, I’m back to tell you more about my adventures in Wisconsin with Mom. We finally got to meet @Mariodacat & his M & D. M picked us up and we went shopping for Packer souvenirs and then went to M & D’s daughter’s house to take care of her kitties. So I got to meet them too! I have to admit I forgot the kitties names. I thought Mom took pics of them, but we can’t find them, so I can’t show them to you. *embarrassed* Then we went back to M & D’s house to relax and they made dinner for us. After dinner, Mom and I went back to the hotel so we could watch the Broncos game. They won!

If you mouse over the pictures you can see the captions. You can biggify the pictures by clicking on them.

Day 4 was a boat ride on the Fox River. Mom couldn’t stop taking pictures! Here’s about half of them. I didn’t caption all of them. Hope you like them!

After the boat ride we drove through the city so I could see more of it. Then we went back to M & D’s house for dinner. Of course, that meant more picture taking, especially of Mario!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for day 5. We went to Lambeau Field! Boy was that exciting!

Road Trip Days 1 & 2

Happy Thursday everyone! I usually post just on Sundays, but as most of you know, Mom and Lippe Jr took a road trip to visit @Mariodacat and his M & D. They were on the road for 8 whole days! There’s lots of pictures to share so I’m gonna spread this out over a few days. I’m also gonna let the pictures do most of the talking. So here are the first two days of the trip.

Day 1 – Denver to Omaha (via Auntie Kirsten’s house)

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Day 2 – Omaha to Green Bay

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We had great weather for the drive (and most of the trip). Driving through Nebraska wasn’t as boring as I’d heard. The part of Iowa we drove through was all hilly and farms. It was beautiful. And the drive through Wisconsin was gorgeous too! I thought I’d be bored spending two days in the car, but I really enjoyed seeing all these places I’d never seen before. The only really boring part of the drive was Northeastern Colorado. I can’t believe I was in 4 different states in 2 days!

That’s it for today’s installment. Part two tomorrow.

Meet Lippe Jr

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone’s not as waterlogged as we are. At least our house is safe. So many in our state are in big trouble because of the recent storms. So before anything else, let’s say a purrayer for everyone who’s not safe like we are. *bows head*

Now for today’s big announcement. Some of you already know what’s coming. It’s the Lippe Jr fashion show! We loved Lippe so much when he came to visit that we’ve been looking for our very own wookie to love ever since. And mom finally found one! But he’s little so he’s not as furry as a big wookie, so he likes clothes. And we found him some! Here he is:

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If you mouse over the slideshow, the controls show up so you can pause it if you want to. And Lippe Jr looks so cute, you’ll want to!

We’ve got more product reviews coming up the next few weeks, so stay tuned! And don’t forget I’m getting married to the most wonderful mancat in the universe, Henry Thomas Stockman, on Oct. 5. Hope you’ll all be there! Here’s an invite: Of course, they’ll be no blog on the 6th. *wink* I’ll be on my honeymoon!

Have a great week everyone. Stay safe!