‘My Trip to Massychewsits’ by Treasure

I had the most wonderful trip with Mom. We went to Massychewsits to see her sisters. So much happened and there are so many pictures. I put a few of them together with captions. I thought that was the best way to summarize the trip enough for a blog.

We flew in on a Wednesday and took a bus from the airport to where Mom’s sister Michelle picked us up. It was pretty late, but her sons stayed up and came with her to get us at the bus station.

Thursday Mom helped her other sister, Adelle, prepare for a very special party. It’s called a Bar Mitzvah and it’s when a Jewish boy takes on adult responsibilities in the religion. I’m glad I’m a dog. I don’t have any responsibilities at all! After all the work we went back to Adelle’s house where I met her new kittens, Zoe and Chloe. They were very sweet and lots of fun. Zoe liked to hide in paper bags and chase wax paper balls. Chloe looked out the window alot.

Friday the weather was beautiful. Michelle took us to Newberryport and to the beach at Plum Island. It was a fantastic day.

Saturday was the Bar Mitzvah and Sunday was the party. I didn’t get to go to those so there’s no pictures in the show. I guess that was for humans only. Adelle’s birthday was in a few days, so Saturday night they all went out to dinner. Without me!

Monday the weather was terrible, but that didn’t stop us! We went to the aquarium with Michelle and her sons, Kfir and Liam. I got to ride in the T. It’s the trains that people use to get around. It was kind of crowded so we didn’t mess with the camera in there. We had lunch in Boston and met up with Adelle and her family at the aquarium. It was huge. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I saw the most amazing fishes and things in there. I’d never seen anything like it before.

Tuesday we went to Rockport with Adelle, Doug, and Ian. The weather was still bad so we wore coats. Rockport is a very cute town with lots of artists and artists shops. Mom found a nice picture for her bedroom. We’ll post it when it comes. It’s being shipped so we don’t have it yet. We walked around all day in the rain looking at stuff. We bought some fresh made salt water taffy and some other sweets. Then we went out for dinner. Mom had wanted lobster the whole week and she finally got one. Good thing to, because we went home the next day.

It was a very exciting trip. I’m so lucky I get to go so many wonderful places. And this week I get to go to Blogpaws West 2010 with Pumpkin, @GeorgeTheDuck, and Fred (Pumpkin’s duckie).


Where’s the air?

2010-7-25 Mt. Evans

Treasure here. Chris and Mom love to take car trips, and I got to go along again. We drove to the top of Mt. Evans. I had a surprise this time – Chris brought Stanley. He’s a rather large cat, but Bearry and I  got along with him just fine.

Mt. Evans has the highest paved road in the United States. At the top it’s over 14,000 feet. That’s almost 3 times as high as where we live now! It’s so high the air is very thin and is quite difficult to breathe up there. We were moving a little slow and had to catch our breath a lot, but we managed. The road is a little scary, so Chris had to drive cause Mom gets vertigo.

I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like up there, so you just have to look at the pictures (click on the picture and it will take you to the other pictures). You start driving, and you just keep going up and up and up. Close to the top there are a lot of switchbacks. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a place where the road makes a really sharp turn kind of like folding the road in half as it climbs the mountain.

We were surprised how many people were riding bicycles up the mountain road. It’s steep, narrow, scary, and it really is hard to breath up there. You have to be in really good shape to bicycle up there. We could barely walk!

We saw mountain goats and a marmot, but I didn’t get pictures. There was no place safe to pull off the road to take them. I did get lots of pictures of the drive, and the alpine flowers were amazing. I got lots of pictures of them, too.

We made all kinds of stops on the way back down. Of course we found a place to stop and stick our feet in the creek. It seems Mom and Chris can’t go anywhere without finding a creek to stick their toes in. Not me – that water is cold! Also on the way home we saw a golden eagle flying overhead.

I had such a good time. I can’t wait for my next adventure!

Treasure’s First Adventure

I’m turning my blog over to Treasure today. He had his first big adventure with Mom and her friend, Chris. I didn’t go because they were in the car for many hours, and I don’t like the car very much.  Take it away, Treasure.

Treasure here. I had my first adventure and it was very exciting. I got to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. Here I am seatbelted into the car all ready to go. The bear sitting next to me doesn’t really have a name and is always in the car. He’s kind of a good luck charm for the car.

Our first stop was the visitor’s center in Idaho Springs. They had this great exhibit about the gold mining history of the area. Mining is very hard and dangerous work.

Here we’re back on the road. I was bad and sat on the dash for a little while so I could see the beautiful scenery. Our next stop was in Grand Lake where we ate lunch. The lady in the next picture with me is Mom’s friend Chris that found Pumpkin and gave her to Mom.

We had lunch at Grand Lake Brewing Company. Mom and her friend ordered a beer sampler (no, they didn’t drink it all). Mom shared her hamburger with me. It was very good!

The day started out nice and warm and sunny. But Colorado has strange weather, and I got to experience it first hand. While we were eating lunch, the sky turned very dark and it started hailing! It got really cold out, too. It was very exciting to watch for a while, but then we just got too cold and went into the indoor seating.

It didn’t take long for the sun to come out again, and we continued on our way. Finally – Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). We weren’t in the park 30 seconds when we saw a herd of elk. There are lots and lots of elk in the park and they are the easiest animals to see in the park. Well, except for the ground squirrels and chipmunks. (I don’t have any pictures of those).

We were driving through the park and saw a lot of people pulled off the road so we decided to see what they were looking at. Well, it was a moose! Now this is amazing because the moose in the park usually hide and don’t let themselves be seen. We got a couple pictures of this moose, but they weren’t very good because the moose was mostly hidden. We watched her for a while and then continued on. And guess what – we saw another moose! Mom and Chris go to RMNP all the time and never see a moose, and we saw two! As you can see, we got a really good picture of this one.

We took a little walk in Coyote Meadow, but didn’t see any coyotes. We did see beautiful flowers. We didn’t get to stay long, because the weather changed again. We heard thunder and decided to go back to the car. We drove all the way through the park and over Trail Ridge Road.  We stopped a few times to pictures of pretty places and flowers.  There are more pictures of our adventure here.