Duncan’s Place, a Cat Sanctuary

I first heard of Duncan’s Place at BlogPaws West 2010. When it came time for Mom to get me a fursib, that’s where I sent her. She was only supposed to come home with one fursib, but EK and Candy were already so bonded with each other that Mom brought them both home. It was the right decision. I make noise about them being annoying and stuff, but I really do love EK and Candy and I’m glad they’re my fursibs.

These are some of the kitties that Duncan’s Place has for adoption right now. If you live in Colorado and need a kitty, this is a good place to start. If you’re not in Colorado but looking for a pet, this widget will also take to Petfinder.com so you can find a shelter pet near you that needs a loving home. Take two, they’re small!

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