Game Time!

I love to play games. The best games are the ones Mom plays with me. Of course, we never seem to want to play at the same time. She wants to play after dinner while we watch tv. I want to play in the morning when she’s getting ready for work or at night when she’s sleeping.

I have several favorites – chase the little red dot from Mom’s flashy mouse, fetch, and slide things back and forth under the bathroom door. Oh, and I like to chase Mom’s hands and feet when they move under the blankets. One of the best games is keep away. Mom tries to pick me up to give me hugs and scritches and I stay just out of reach. Of course, I love my hugs and scritches so I eventually let Mom catch me.

I love to run, so fetch is always a good game. Mom throws a mousie and I run as fast as I can to get it and bring it back so she’ll throw it again. Sometimes instead of throwing it, she’ll dangle it in front of me and I box it. I’m a very good boxer, and mousies make good punching bags. (Don’t worry mouse lovers – we’re not playing with real live mousies.)

Sometimes I run just cause it’s fun to run. I zoom and zoom and zoom all over the place. Mom makes jokes about me being chased by dragons. She says I run around like my tail is on fire. Silly Mom. The dragons wouldn’t set my pretty tail on fire. They like me!

Good idea from Yoda the Dog’s blog

Yoda wrote about making his blog carbon neutral and how we all can do that, too. Well, Mommy planted lots of trees in the yard when she first moved in, but I want to plant my own tree. So I followed the directions from Yoda’s blog and planted my own tree. If you click on my carbon neutral badge it will take you to the site that will help you plant your very own tree! We live in a very pretty place and I want it to stay that way, so let’s plant lots  of trees!

Sunday musings

One of Mom’s friends got a stroller for her kitty, and another is thinking about getting one for her kitties. Soon we’ll have a whole kitty walking club! We’ve had icky weather, so we haven’t been for any walks lately. When the weather gets nice we’re going to meet up with Mom’s friend and spend the day in the park. I can’t wait to make new kitty friends. Mom says they’re Maine Coons, like me, but about 3 times my size. I can’t imagine kitties being that enormous!

Mom’s been very busy making music. Last week it was Beatles music. Next week it will be Broadway music. Later this month she’s singing in two very special pieces – John Adams ‘Transmigration of Souls’ and Beethoven’s Ninth symphony. One is a tribute to the people that died in the World Trade Center, and the other is a celebration of life. Sometimes I wish I was a person so I could go to the symphony and hear the chorus sing.

I don’t know why some things I do annoy Mom so much. Just cause I have to smell everything she eats. I climb on her and sniff her breath (I practically stick my nose in her mouth) and stick my face in her plate. She always pushes me away and tells me I have no manners. I also follow her into the bathroom all the time. She says she doesn’t bug me when I’m in the litter box, so why do I bug her in the bathroom? But bathrooms have all kinds of interesting smells. Don’t people understand that kitties like to smell things? And people smells are very different from kitty smells. I have to investigate those!

My new cushion and harness came, and they were both too small. The cushion was too small for my stroller and the harness was too small for me. It’s Mom’s fault. She didn’t measure the inside of the stroller, and she didn’t measure me! She figured I’m a little kitty so she got me a small harness. Turns out I needed a large! If a little thing like me needs a large harness, I don’t know what people with enormous kitties get for them. Anyway, Mom sent them back and is now waiting for the bigger ones to come. Sigh.

I guess that’s enough musings for a Sunday. Kitty kisses to all my friends! I miss you all and as much as I’m proud of Mommy’s music making, I’ll be glad when she’s not so busy and I can spend more time online visiting with you all. At least I get to keep up with your blogs, but I don’t get to spend much time on Facebook or Twitter. TTFN