It’s windy outside!

As Mom told you, we live on the plains. It’s very, very windy here. But today it’s windier than I’ve ever heard before. It’s blowing so hard it makes the windows rattle and I can hear it in the vents. It’s pretty scary when it gets this windy. When the wind gets really bad, we have to watch the news to see if there’s going to be a tornado. I’ve never seen a tornado, but Mom says they’re very scary. She said I don’t have to be scared tonight. The wind’s not blowing that hard and it’s not storming (like it was this morning).

Mom said she’s lived here 4 years and there’s never been a tornado real close to the house. But there will be times we’ll have to hide from the wind just in case. The TV will tell us when we have to hide. Mom also got a kit from the ASPCA that lets recue workers know I’m here just in case something happens to the house and she can’t help me.

You know how people say talking about stuff helps? The wind isn’t as scary anymore.

Earth Day

In some ways, every day is earth day in our house. Mom doesn’t usually use paper plates or paper towels (except for really bad messes). In fact, we don’t use much paper anything (well, Mommy uses toilet paper). She’s very stingy with the heat, air conditioning, lights, and water. The yard is planted mostly with stuff native to this climate so she doesn’t have to water much. We have those funny, swirly bulbs all over the house. She takes reusable bags for shopping.

So what does someone due for earth day that has earth day every day? Well, Mom belongs to a site called They have a different special everyday and you never know what it’s going to be. Today’s special (good until noon tomorrow ET) was washable, reusable lunch bags. Since Mom brown bags it everyday, she uses lots of baggies. When she saw these she had to get them. Yesterday she bought a glass bottle with a waterproof stopper to use for a water bottle. She doesn’t like the way water tastes from a plastic bottle, but she wanted something spillproof for work.

Her work did all kinds of stuff, too. The building she works in gave out swirly bulbs and reusable shopping bags. They’ve been working for the last year on being a ‘green’ building. The lights and climate control are all on special systems to keep waste down. The building also recycles almost all the stuff that would normally be trash. They do a really good job.

So that’s my earth day report. What did you do for earth day?

Pumpkinpuddy’s mom here.

Hi everyone. I wanted to tell you a little bit about where Pumpkin and I live.
We live in Colorado, just outside of Denver. We live on the plains area part of town. We can see forever from our back door. To the south we can see all the way to Pikes Peak, which is about 70 miles away. To the west we can see the Rocky Mountains. And right outside our back fence is an open space park. 10 minutes north is a state park and 10 minutes south is a nature reserve. There’s lots of wildlife around, even though we’re only 25 minutes from downtown Denver. We have coyotes, fox, prairie dogs, bunnies, and over 300 varieties of birds, including birds of prey. Of course, I don’t let Pumpkin run loose. She could get eaten!

There’s tons to do around here no matter what you like to do. There’s every kind of outdoor activity you could imagine. There are museums, zoos, botanic gardens, and all kinds of cultural facilities. There’s some of the best theater in the country, and a world class symphony orchestra. And I’m proud to say that I’ve been singing with the symphony chorus for 20 years.

The climate here is fantastic. Winter temps average 45 degrees (F) and it’s dry, so 45 actually feels quite warm. Summer can be hot, but it always cools down at night so there’s relief from the heat. The weather can change very quickly. One of the first things someone said to me when I first moved here was if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change. Just a couple weeks ago it was gorgeous in the morning, blizzarding overnight, and by afternoon the next day it was warm enough to be out in shorts shoveling the snow.
This morning we woke up to something we normally don’t see – fog. Most days it’s sunny. In fact, we get over 300 days of sunshine a year.

I tried to insert a bunch of pictures, but I’m finding it’s really hard to get the pictures where I want them and to get the text to line up properly, so I’ll put in a link to the pictures. If anyone can suggest a blog site that’s easier to deal with, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to make the change before we get too many posts in.

Adventures of a Suburban Kitty