Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls’ Day

You’ve heard me talk about the cats Mom had before I came along. If you read my interview on Cat’s Who Twitter you know their story. Well now you get to see their faces.

 This is Beastie. Look at that face and you can tell where the name came from. MOL. She was Mom’s first kitty. Mom got her from a neighbor as a kitten and she lived to be 16 1/2. Mom said she actually wasn’t a beastie, but was very sweet. Her daddy was a Persian kitty and Beastie inherited her beautiful fluff from him.

This is Sheena. She passed last Thanksgiving at 18 years old! She lived the longest of any cat Mom’s had. She came to Mom as a kitten from a coworker. I got to meet this kitty before she went to the bridge. She and Pixie were best friends and she was very lonely when Pixie passed. Mom got me as a playmate for Sheena, but Sheena didn’t live very long after I was adopted. I guess I came to Mom just in time to keep her from being lonely without Sheena.

This is Pixie. Someone threw her out of a van. Mom tried to find her that night and couldn’t. Six weeks later after a snowstorm, she showed up on Mom’s porch. She was all wet, cold, matted, and starving. Mom took her in and it was love at first sight. She lived with Mom for 12 1/2 years before she passed. I look a lot like her except I have a nice floofy tail and Pixie didn’t have a tail. Mom thinks she was part Manx.

I’m lucky to have had them as sisfurs, even if I didn’t get to meet them. They were the cats that taught Mom how to open her heart and home to kitties. They also taught Mom that cats were meant to be loved and spoiled. And boy am I spoiled!

Please join this week’s photo blog hop and tell us about the ones in your life that came before you that you want to honor.

My Gotcha Day!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s a very special day. It’s my Gotcha Day! One year ago today I came to live with Mom, and it’s been a fantastic year. I won’t go into details ’cause you guys hear me brag on my Mom all the time, so you already know how spoiled and lucky I am.

I only got a small present, but good things come in small packages. And this package had my favorite treats – freeze dried shrimps! I may be getting something else. Mom was looking at the Petco website today. I wonder if she ordered anything?

It’s also 3 weeks until the brofurs arrive. I guess I’m sort of looking forward to that. Mom’s gone so much that it will be nice to have company and someone to play with.

The Lake with Petie book is half done, and looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I’ve heard from some pals that you want to add stuff to the book. Well get busy and get that stuff in to me or the book will be done. I’m hoping to finish it up next weekend. I’m gonna have a few pals look it over before printing to see if I left out anything important. I really want to have it done soon, so please get stuff to me this week. I think this book will not just be a great memory book of the fun we had at the lake, but also a good present for our humans for the holidays coming up. They can see what we do when they’re not looking! MOL! And don’t forget, the proceeds go to Duncan’s Place, so it’s for a good cause, too.

I have to apologize to @joeybeancat. I said I’d write about his howloween costume contest and then forgot and now the contest is over. I’m very sorry. *hangs head in shame* Please forgive me.

That’s it for this Sunday. Love to all my pals!


Cathy at Duncan’s Place sent me pictures of the squirts that Mom’s forcing on me. I guess they’re kind of cute. I’ll give them a chance. Do I have a choice?

The butterscotch one is named Peanut and the grey and white is Bob. I don’t like those names, so I’m taking suggestions. Cathy said Peanut is a real daredevil and climbs everywhere already, so I’m thinking of calling him Evel Knievel, or EK for short. What do you guys think?