A day in Golden

Happy Sunday everyone! And concatulations to Kate J. who the World’s Best Cat Litter™ Advanced Natural Series litter drawing!

Last Saturday Mom took me to Golden, Colorado. We were supposed to meet mom’s friend in Clear Creek History Park ‎but mom doesn’t know her way around Golden and we wound up in a different park. There was a festival going on – Buffalo Bill Days. The traffic was awful and mom was lost. She found a parking space next to a little park that she thought was it but it wasn’t. Turned out to be ok because mom’s friend gave up in the traffic and just went home. If we’d gone to the correct park we’d have been in worse traffic and not found a space at all!

We also wouldn’t have found a cool pet store that we found by accident cuz mom was looking for a people litter box. MOL It’s called Golden Mill Country Store. It caters not so much to cats and dogs and small animals like most pet stores, but more to horses. I’d never seen a pet store for horses before. They also had chicks for sale! Look how cool this place is.

Of course, we got a bag of treats for me while we were there. They were nommy!

From the pet store we went back to the park and walked around a bit. There was another park a couple of blocks away were the festival was happening, so we walked over there to check it out. It was too crowded and noisy for us to enjoy so we went back to the little park. There was a creek there and a path that ran along it for quite a distance so we followed the path for a while. It’s a great place to walk and we enjoyed watching all the people playing in the creek. There were kayakers and people floating down on all kinds of inflatables. People were swimming or wading and just having a good time.

Now you’d think that would be enough excitement for one day, but no. Before we went home, we stopped at another pet store to pick up some litter. I saw birds and ferrets at the pet store. The ferrets were really cute.

So that was my day in Golden. It’s a nice little town and I hope I get a chance to back soon. That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

On vacation!

Happy Sunday everyone! As you know, @Edgardakitty is visiting us. We’re taking some vacation and having all kinds of fun. Yesterday, he went to a Celtic Fair. Today, mom got up early to straighten up the house and clean the litter boxes so we could have all our chores done in time to watch football all day!

Here we are all lined up and ready to watch. In the picture (L to R) is:

Front row: Candy and Pumpkin (that’s me!)
Back row:

  • Unicorn (needlepointed by mom),
  • Flat Dash (@Dashkitten, NZ)
  • Kiwi (from @rumblepurr, NZ)
  • Kangaroo w/baby (from @jessiejaney, AU)
  • Barnabas (from @Kolo_Martin, UK)
  • Evie (from @I_am_fuzzy, UK)
  • Treasure (from UK)
  • Tillman (@tillmanskates, USA)
  • @Edgardakitty (USA)

As you can see, it’s a very international group. But my stuffies have gotten quite used to American football. You have to in this house. MOL! I know some of you are wondering where EK is. He’s off making trouble, as usual.

I’m taking the rest of the month off from blogging to enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having and Edgar’s visit. I’ll be back in October to tell you about our adventures. I will be tweeting, so watch for the occasional picture of me and/or Edgar out and about having fun.

My gotcha day is October 24 and the fursibs gotcha day is November 12. I’ll have a big celebration post in between where I’ll be giving away something furry special I won at Blogpaws and have been saving just for this occasion. So stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!


St. Vrain State Park

Happy Sunday everyone. I finally got to go on a stroller outing yesterday. The tempurature was in the mid 70s. Purrfect day for an outing. We went to a park I’ve never been to before – St. Vrain State Park. It has camping, boating, fishing, walking trails, and lots of ponds. There’s also lots of critters and birds. Mostly we saw birds. I saw one squirrel but we didn’t get a picture of him.

I not only rode through the park in my stroller, I got to get out and walk around in the grass. I even nommed some! It was quite yummy. Here I am, walking around.

We only went around one of the many ponds, so there’s still lots for us to see when we go back. Around the pond there were signs telling about the eco-system and the wildlife. The signs were interesting and had good information. We took lots of pictures!

Did you see the picture of the trees that had white painted on the bottom? That paint has sand in it and it’s to keep the beavers from chopping down the trees. I’ve never seen that before. And the very last picture shows trees that have already changed and some that lost their leaves. It’s only August! I think it’s because of the drought. Our trees in the yard are changing too.

So that was my outing to the park. Have a great week everyone!