Happy Birthday Candy!

Candy at about 2 months old.

Today is Candy’s birthday. Well, not really. We don’t know when Candy was really born because she was rescued from a trailer park. We just know she was born in July, so Mom picked the 4th of July for her birthday. It’s easy to remember. MOL! Look at how cute she was. No wonder Mom couldn’t resist bringing her home. Look at those little pink toesies!

If you saw Candy’s picture in the About Us section of the blog, you know she likes to be up high! She was the first one of us to go up on top of the kitchen cabinets (although I wasn’t far behind once I saw how much fun she was having up there). Plus, we’ve been getting caught up on Jackson Galaxy and My Cat From Hell, so Mom’s been thinking about how to ‘catify’ the house more. Since we already like to go up on the cabinets, she’s starting in the kitchen.

Here’s the kitchen before she started:

We’ve been jumping from the fridge to the top of the pantry. That makes Mom very nervous. So here’s the kitchen after stage 1 of catification:

Now there’s a bridge between the fridge and the pantry! More fun for us and easier on Mom’s nerves. Plus, there’s a tent to play and sleep in and toys to play with. Another bed’s gonna go up there and more toys as Mom gets more green papers.

Access to the next set of cabinets is blocked on purpose because that set has the dishes in it. Mom’s not sure the cabinets are mounted properly and is always checking to see if they’ve pulled loose from the wall at all. She didn’t want our added weight up there so the path ends at the window. That’s ok. We have lots of path up there as it is. So that’s Candy’s birthday present – the cabinet tops have gotten more fun! How’s that for a great birthday present?

We’re gonna have a giveaway coming up soon, so stay tuned! Happy 4th of July everyone!