Product Review – The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve had lots of excitement around here the last few weeks, so I’m really behind on blogging cuz I took a couple weeks off. I’ll fill you in on the excitement in the coming weeks. But for this week I have a long overdue product review for you.

DSCN4596We got the opportunity to review cat toys from The Natural Pet Company.We’ve had them for a while now, so we’ve tested them out pretty thoroughly. We also got Catnip, but we’ll review that another day.

The toys are made from natural materials to be less harmful to the environment, as well as better for us! Mom liked that about the toys. I’m a cat. I don’t know about that stuff. I just know if a toy is fun or not. So here’s how the toys went over in our house.

This wicker balls with the ribbons were a hit with Candy and EK. I examined one, but didn’t find it furry interesting. Mom almost stepped on one. Good thing she felt it and didn’t put her full weight on it cuz it would have squished. These toys stand up well to kitty play, but not to clumsy humans.DSCN4598DSCN4597The wand toy was a bigger hit, but wand toys are a favorite in this house. And anything with fevvers is a sure thing! The mousie’s body was nice sturdy fabric and good for nomming and bunny kicking.

We took the wand mousie with us when we visited Auntie Kirsten. Her kitties, who don’t usually like toys, liked the fevver butt mousie on the wand so much we made them a present of it!

There was also a raffia mousie in the package, but no one plays with it.DSCN4601So to wrap up – The fevver butt mousie wand toy was the biggest hit! The balls with the ribbons were a hit with Candy & EK, but they seem kind of fragile. The raffia mouse was a miss. But at $12.88 for the whole package, it’s worth getting just for the wand toy. We’ll review the catnip in a few weeks, but first we have to fill you in on all the excitements the last few weeks.

Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer: We received the toys free from The Natural Pet Company. We were not paid for this review. Our opinion, as always, is our own.