Product Review – The Natural Pet Company 100% Natural Catnip

DSCN4596Happy Sunday everyone. A few weeks ago I reviewed some toys from The Natural Pet Company. Today I’m going to review the 100% Natural Catnip that was in the same package.

We’re not the biggest fans of catnip in this house. Catnip stuffed toys tend to be ignored. EK has no use for catnip at all. We girls are hit or miss. Mom sprinkled some catnip on the floor to see how we’d like it. EK never even sniffed at it. Candy sniffed and it and that was about it. I put in the link to the videos because the embedded ones don’t seem to be working properly.

I quite liked it and rolled around in it for a while.

Mom liked that it’s 100% natural. And at $11.99 for 4 oz, it’s significantly less expensive than some of the other premium catnip out there. The packaging seals up quite well. You can’t smell the catnip through the packaging, so I’m assuming that also means that air isn’t getting in the package so the catnip stays pretty fresh in there.

So in this house, the catnip gets a thumbs up from Mom and 4 paws up from the one kitty here that likes catnip – me! I think if you’re kitty is one that likes catnip, s/he’ll like The Natural Pet Company 100% Natural Catnip.

We’re having a beautiful sunny day today, so I’m hoping for some leash time outside. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – We received the catnip free from The Natural Pet Company. We were not paid to write this review and our opinion, as always, is our own.

My Second Gotcha Day!

Monday is my 2nd Gotcha Day! And since Mom’s working Monday, we celebrated yesterday. Mom took me to Washington Park and then when we got home, we finally got to open the gift basket we got from Kong several weeks ago. I wrote about the park outing over at the Stroller Brigade blog. There’s lots of pictures from the outing.

Here we are exploring the package.

Here’s all the cool stuff that was in the package!

Do you see all that pawsome stuff! I can’t believe how many cool toys were in that basket. There was a huge jar of catnip, too. Mom sprinkled some on one of the toys and on me! It was really good nip too. Much better than the nip we had before. That was from someone’s garden. Here I am playing with a mousie and covered with nip.

Here’s Candy playing with her favorite:

EK was partial to the snake:

Not only did I get to go to the park and open my gift basket, but we all got some ham from mom’s sandwich! I have to say, it’s been a pretty terrific day. Happy Sunday everyone!