A Book About Love

We’ve spent a lot of time in #pawcircles and porchsitting lately. We’ve seen too many furriends cross the Rainbow Bridge in a very short time. When our furriends cross the bridge, the circles are for love and comfort. But sometimes, the #pawcircles and porchsitting result in a furriend getting better. This book is about a success story. This book is about the miracles that love can work.

As we all know, our pal Petie (@Petethecat) had a difficult summer. When we heard our furriend was sick, we all did what anipals do in times of trouble – we banded together to help Petie get better. And Petie did get better! In fact, he’s getting married very soon to the wonderful Pandora (@Pandafur).

@toughteddybear with his copy of
‘Summer at the Lake with Petie’

It was just an amazing summer, and I wanted something to remember it by. I thought others might like to have something, too. So I put together a book: ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie‘. I gathered together stories, poems, pictures, memories, and whatever else pals wanted to submit to the book. There is a link in the sidebar to order the book and you can see sample pages there. The book is getting rave reviews from everyone who has already gotten a copy.

This book is special not just because it’s about our love for Petie and the miracles that love can work. The proceeds of this book benefit the cat sanctuary that Candy and EK came from  – Duncan’s Place. It’s a wonderful group of people who foster cats in their homes, help them find furever homes, and help families down on their luck keep their pets with them. I wrote about them in an earlier blog – Blog the Change – Duncan’s Place.

One thing we’ve all said over and over the last several weeks is how lucky our now lost pals were to have had loving homes. I want all the kitties at Duncan’s Place to have that, too. Selling ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie‘ is one of the projects I have going on trying to raise money to help them take care of and find homes for the cats in their care. My goal is to sell 100 copies of the book. So far, 30 copies have been sold, so there’s still a long way to go.

I want to thank some pals who have been helping to spread the word about Summer at the Lake with Petie:

Rumblepurr put a link up on his blog: Rumblebum.

Whskr And Dash wrote a blog article about it on their blog and plan on writing another: Dash Kitten’s Musings.

Blind Maximus wrote a blog entry and put up a widget for ordering Summer at the Lake with Petie on his blog, Adventures of a Blind Dog in a Big World.

I do have the best furriends! If anyone else is interested in putting a link or a widget on your blog, let me know. I’ll send you the code.

I also have a chip-in on my blog for pals who want to donate. Or you can go to Duncan’s Place web site and donate there. Whether you order Summer at the Lake with Petie or donate through my chip in or directly on their site, I hope you’ll choose to do something, no matter how small, to help Duncan’s Place. I want every cat to be as lucky as I’ve been.

Much love to my furriends,
Pumpkin (@Pumpkinpuddy)


All kinds of news this week. The first item is that the book about #lakewithpetie is finished and ready to order. It’s called Summer at the Lake with Petie and is available here: Summer at the Lake with Petie. You can see a preview at the right. I was thrilled at how many pals sent stuff for me to put in the book! There are poems, stories, pictures, memories, and even original artwork. We have some very talented anipals in our community. Not only is this a wonderful way to remember the amazing summer we had, but the proceeds are going to Duncan’s Place cat sanctuary. It will make a great Crispmouse present for your humans, so buy lots of copies!

Duncan’s Place cat sanctuary is also where my brofurs are coming from. Cathy at Duncan’s Place cat sanctuary sent me more pictures of them.

I finally have names for them. The cream colored one is gonna be Evel Kneivel and just EK for short. We’ve been told he’s a bit of a daredevil. The grey and white one is gonna be Bandit because he looks like he’s wearing a mask. Mom’s picking them up Friday night!

Edit: Just found out from Cathy at Duncan’s Place – turns out the grey & white one is a girl. So instead of 2 brofurs I’m gonna have a sisfur and a brofur. Cathy called her Babette and I think I’m just gonna call her that and not change her name again. Bad enough everyone thought she was a boy and called her Bob all these weeks. I’m not gonna change her name yet again.

So that’s the good news. Now the sad news. We lost our good friend, Gunner, this week. He crossed the bridge on Thursday. PepiSmartDog escorted him across the bridge and arranged a wonderful welcome banquet for him. The banquet was held at Nipclub so that all the anipals could see Gunner off and wish him a good crossing. It was a wonderful banquet for a wonderful pal.

That’s if for this week. Next week I’ll have lots of news after the brofurs get here. Wish me luck! Smoochies!

Sunday musings

Here it is Sunday night, and I haven’t written my Sunday Musings yet. I was going to write about Blogpaws, but so many other pals have written about it that I don’t know what to add, especially since they all write better than I do. I will say that I had a fabulous time, met some amazing and wonderful people, and learned a lot. My pictures are all in Facebook if you want to see them.

Packing for BlogPaws
BlogPaws Day 1
BlogPaws Day 2
BlogPaws Day3

This weekend I spent a lot of time at the #lakewithpetie. I had the idea that we could collect all the pictures from the weekends at the lake and make a picture book of them to sell for charity. @Petiethecat would pick the charity. I even talked to @thepetbooklady about it and she’s offered to help. As usual, I got ahead of myself. I was saving the pictures people used from Twitpic and asking them if I could use them. Well I didn’t think it through properly. I’d have no way of knowing what pictures were original and which were gotten from another source, or who to credit for the pictures. Also, a lot of the pictures are just too small to use. I get hold of an idea and I get a little overexcited and start running away with it. I’m nothing if not enthusiastic. MOL.

Spoke to Petie and he and his folks are ok with this project, so I’d still like to do it. I need to collect pictures from pals who have ones they want to contribute. I’d need a good size version of the pictures and assurance from the pals sending them that they own the pictures and can publish them. This way I’ll know we’re legal and I can give proper credit to the pals that contributed pictures.

If you have pictures to contribute to The Lake With Petie Memory Book, please send them to pumpkinpuddy@gmail.com. And remember, they have to be pictures you have the legal right to contribute. Sorry, the book won’t have a picture of the alien ship cleaning up the campsite. Mulder already told me that was a borrowed picture. I’ll let you all know what charity this is going to as soon as I hear from Petie. I’ll know more about price and everything once I get it all figured out with the Pet Book Lady.

That’s all for this week. I can’t wait to get started on this project! Get your pictures in. I’d like to have the book ready in a month or so.

Update: We now have a charity. With Petie’s approval, the money raised by selling the book will go to Duncan’s Place Cat Sanctuary.