Product Review – Halo Healthsome Real Chicken Cat Treats

Happy Sunday everyone! Got a real ‘treat’ for you today. That’s right. I’m reviewing kitty treats! MOL

DSCN4558The nice folks over at let us try out some Halo Healthsome Real Chicken Cat Treats. As you know, mom’s pretty picky about what we’re allowed to eat. No grain, soy, or fish for us. (We’re delicate kitties, even EK.) Because of this, we don’t get to test yummy stuff furry often, so we jumped on this one. Look what’s in these treats (from the website): Chicken, Potato Flour, Pea Flour, Tapioca Flour, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Pumpkin, Pea Fiber, Flaxseed, Tomatoes, Catnip, Taurine, Ascorbic Acid (a Preservative). Looks pretty healthy to me and there’s nothing in there we can’t have.

Here’s what else the website has to say:

DSCN4560Halo Healthsome Real Chicken Cat Treats

Chicken’s great. Chicken and catnip? Purr! Healthsome Real Chicken Cat Treats from Halo are crunchy cat treats with just a bit of catnip to make even even the finicky felines fall in love. They’re a great source of protein and fiber, and at only 1.5 calories per treat, they’re perfect for weight-conscious lapcats. These treats also have added flaxseed to keep the coat soft and shiny.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols

  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth

  • No corn, wheat, fillers, or added sugar or molasses

  • Pumpkin assists digestive tract

DSCN4561All we know is they’re nommy! We gobbled them up, and we don’t like most treats. (Except Candy. She’s not as picky as the rest of us.) We’re eating them so fast the picture’s blurry! That’s some good eating. And at only 1.5 calories a piece, they’re good for kitties that have to watch the pounds (like Candy).

For those of you that like fish, they also come in Select Seafood Combo Flavor.

So that’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer: The treats were provided gratis from We were not paid for this review. As always, our opinion is our own. You can’t make us kitties eat something we don’t like!

Product Review – Canidae TidNips

Brent from asked me if I’d test out some new treats – Canidae TidNips. You know me, I’ll always try something new! So I said, “yes!”

Here’s some info sent me about Canidae TidNips:

Felidae is known for their holistic, healthy and delicious cat food and treats.

Their all-natural formulas are made in the USA in a human-grade facility using only the highest quality ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish. There is no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, glutens or fillers in these products. Cats prefer round! Felidae has officially changed the shape of their kibble to the one cats prefer!

You’ve probably heard of Canidae’s TidNips™ treats by now. Soft and tasty, these treats are not only fun to feed; they are good for your doggie too! Canidae Natural Pet Food company was sure not to leave out cats, when making this yummy treat.

Felidae TidNips is available in a tasty Chicken & Rice formula.

We have TidNips™ (from Canidae) available in three great varieties:
• Lamb & Rice,
• Chicken & Rice
• Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Salmon
Tasty treats! Try ‘em, we want to know what you think!

Here’s what’s in them: Chicken, Brown Rice, Ground Barley, Tapioca, Vegetable Glycerine, Chicken Meal, Natural Flavor, Molasses, Brewer’s Yeast, Fish Oil, Cranberries, Salt, Sodium Bisulfate, Sorbic Acid, Taurine, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary. Sounds good, right? Mom was sure they’d be a hit with us. She’s tried to feed them to us several times, but Candy’s the only one that will eat them, and sometimes she won’t eat them either. So I guess something being good for you doesn’t guarantee that you’ll like it and eat it. Also, it comes in a bag that’s supposed to zip shut, but the seal came loose on one side and the bag won’t seal. So two of us give these treats paws down and one of us gives it a so-so.

Disclaimer: We received the bag of treats gratis from We received no other compensation, and as always, our opinion is our own.