BlogPaws Day 1

My pals, I’m ashamed to admit that Mom had to do day 1 without me. *sad face* I had too much excitement in the morning and wound up spending most of the afternoon and all of the evening in the hotel room. I missed seeing Tillman and the others do their performance.

You see, Mom took me to see Temple Square and some of downtown SLC. (I’ll tell you about that after we’re done reporting on BlogPaws.) It was all very beautiful, but I really didn’t like the traffic noise. So I made it through lunch ok, but threw up my treats after lunch. Mom cleaned up the stroller and we went back down to visit with people, but I started throwing up again. So Mom cleaned the stroller again and then went out without me! So she’s gonna have to tell you about the opening festivities. Oh, and by the time she got back up to the room that night I was all rested, happy, and ready to cuddle. And I got lots of cuddles.

Mom here. BlogPaws started off with a bang! Rosie and Sully from ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ did a demonstration of their balloon popping skills! We also got to see Norman ride his scooter. Then the pièce de résistance, Tillman on his skateboard! I’ve loaded some videos of them to Pumpkin’s YouTube channel. You can see them at

After the demonstration, there was a welcome reception. Trone Brand Energy did a presentation on Pet Bloggers: Reading and Writing Insights. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was so excited about being at BlogPaws and meeting a lot of my online friends face-to-face for the first time that I didn’t take any notes. Looking back, I wish I had. There was so much information given to us over throughout the conference that I can’t remember who said what if it wasn’t written down. *hangs head in shame*.

Aside from all the great information at BlogPaws, a lot of us go to network. There’s so many pals we talk to online everyday or whose blogs we read. Being able to put a face to a name is wonderful. Being able to actually talk to that person and get a sense of who they really are is amazing. Let’s take BZTAT for example. We all know what an amazing artist she is and how intelligent she is. We know she’s passionate about animals and about trying to end domestic violence against humans and animals. We know her cats, especially @BrewskiButt, who comes across as a real wiseacre. But when you meet her face-to-face, you get to meet Vicki Boatright, the person. From Brewski’s wisecracking, you wouldn’t know what a kind, warm, down-to-earth person Vicki is.

If I started to list all the people I met at BlogPaws, this post would turn into a book! So I’m just gonna list a few by their twitter names or blogs: @MaggieTKat, @TinyPearlCat, @Cokiethecat, @indykitty, @Cosmohavanese, @informedferret, @snotfacecritter, @Niqqi, @danapixie, @pushupsnpaws, @brutusthedane, Moderncat, Glogirly, The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, Catsparella, Sparkle, @Nutmegtorby, @bunnyjeancook, and the list goes on and on and on!

There were lots of pictures, so I’m going to have a gallery of pics at the end of each post. Here’s day one!