Good idea from Yoda the Dog’s blog

Yoda wrote about making his blog carbon neutral and how we all can do that, too. Well, Mommy planted lots of trees in the yard when she first moved in, but I want to plant my own tree. So I followed the directions from Yoda’s blog and planted my own tree. If you click on my carbon neutral badge it will take you to the site that will help you plant your very own tree! We live in a very pretty place and I want it to stay that way, so let’s plant lots  of trees!

Earth Day

In some ways, every day is earth day in our house. Mom doesn’t usually use paper plates or paper towels (except for really bad messes). In fact, we don’t use much paper anything (well, Mommy uses toilet paper). She’s very stingy with the heat, air conditioning, lights, and water. The yard is planted mostly with stuff native to this climate so she doesn’t have to water much. We have those funny, swirly bulbs all over the house. She takes reusable bags for shopping.

So what does someone due for earth day that has earth day every day? Well, Mom belongs to a site called They have a different special everyday and you never know what it’s going to be. Today’s special (good until noon tomorrow ET) was washable, reusable lunch bags. Since Mom brown bags it everyday, she uses lots of baggies. When she saw these she had to get them. Yesterday she bought a glass bottle with a waterproof stopper to use for a water bottle. She doesn’t like the way water tastes from a plastic bottle, but she wanted something spillproof for work.

Her work did all kinds of stuff, too. The building she works in gave out swirly bulbs and reusable shopping bags. They’ve been working for the last year on being a ‘green’ building. The lights and climate control are all on special systems to keep waste down. The building also recycles almost all the stuff that would normally be trash. They do a really good job.

So that’s my earth day report. What did you do for earth day?