A Visit from Edgar – Part III

Hi pals! Back for part III of Edgar’s visit.

Every fall, Mom and her friend Chris go on a leaf drive to see the fall colors. They try to stay somewhere overnight. So this year they went to stay overnight in Nederland and took Edgar with them. On the drive back they went to Eldorado Canyon State Park. There’s lots of pictures, so let’s get to them! The first batch are from the drive up to Nederland, pictures they took in town, and the room. For some reason they’re in reverse order and we can’t get them to go the right order. *shakes head*

The next batch are from Eldorado Canyon State Park. They went hiking and were watching all these guys rock climbing. Edgar decided to try climbing a rock himself! He was very brave. They had a great time and hated to come home.

Part IV is gonna post on Wednesday. Wednesday, is also my Gotcha Day! We didn’t plan anything special because mom might have jury duty,, but I got to go to the park today. I’ll post about that next Sunday. I’ll also put the Rafflecopter for the Tillman skate board deck up next Sunday. I’ll take entries until 11/7 and announce the winner on 11/9.

If anyone’s wondering where the snowglobe went, I took that post down. I didn’t realize it was so noisy. I usually have the sound off on my computer.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everybody!


A Visit from EdgardaKitty II

Hi everyone! I’m back with Part II of Edgar’s visit. Mom and Edgar went to a little Celtic Festial sponsored by the city of Edgewater. It was their first year doing the festival. It was pretty good for a first festival by a very small city (about 1 square mile).

They saw dancers and musicians, sword fight demonstrations, all kinds of crafts, and had lots of yummy food. And as always, Mom took lots of pictures!

Mom also took Edgar with her when she went to see Hotel Transylvania.

So that’s Part II. Parts III and IV are still to come, so stayed tuned!