On vacation!

Happy Sunday everyone! As you know, @Edgardakitty is visiting us. We’re taking some vacation and having all kinds of fun. Yesterday, he went to a Celtic Fair. Today, mom got up early to straighten up the house and clean the litter boxes so we could have all our chores done in time to watch football all day!

Here we are all lined up and ready to watch. In the picture (L to R) is:

Front row: Candy and Pumpkin (that’s me!)
Back row:

  • Unicorn (needlepointed by mom),
  • Flat Dash (@Dashkitten, NZ)
  • Kiwi (from @rumblepurr, NZ)
  • Kangaroo w/baby (from @jessiejaney, AU)
  • Barnabas (from @Kolo_Martin, UK)
  • Evie (from @I_am_fuzzy, UK)
  • Treasure (from UK)
  • Tillman (@tillmanskates, USA)
  • @Edgardakitty (USA)

As you can see, it’s a very international group. But my stuffies have gotten quite used to American football. You have to in this house. MOL! I know some of you are wondering where EK is. He’s off making trouble, as usual.

I’m taking the rest of the month off from blogging to enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having and Edgar’s visit. I’ll be back in October to tell you about our adventures. I will be tweeting, so watch for the occasional picture of me and/or Edgar out and about having fun.

My gotcha day is October 24 and the fursibs gotcha day is November 12. I’ll have a big celebration post in between where I’ll be giving away something furry special I won at Blogpaws and have been saving just for this occasion. So stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!