Snuffy Norton-Bearmani and CanBeSocial

My dear pals, I have the furry bestest news ever. So many of us have been deleted or shut down by Facebook and Google+ and have been wondering where can we socialize (besides Twitter)? Well my pals, in addition to Fursbook and VirtualPetwork, we now have CanBeSocial. Here’s @SnuffyNorton to tell us about it.

“I was very excited when I heard Google was coming out with their own social networking site. I thought, no longer will we be in fear of being deleted like we are on Facebook, just because the administrators don’t think we are real.

A bunch of my bear, cat and dog friends flocked over to Google+ and tried it out. It wasn’t very long before they too stated we are not real and started to delete us.  Very upsetting indeed!!

It was then that I decided to take matters into my own paws. Having help from a couple of computer nerds  I launched It is not just for fluffies or cats or dogs. It is for everyone. I had heard from many of you that you want to socialize with everyone, not just your own species.

Unlike other networks we do not ask for personal details for you to join. You are welcome to share your information but it is not required to sign up. No phone numbers, birthdays, addresses etc.

We are over 130 members and that number increases daily.  We encourage all of you out there to join. Rabbits, bears, wooden ducks, humans, cats, dogs….well you get the picture.  Our only rule is that you be nice.

Following are some screen shots to show you some features and how easy the site is to use. I recommend that you do read the FAQ to make it easier for you to enjoy our site.

This is the main wall when you log in. You will see the latest activities as well as latest members, groups, photos, videos and events.

I have installed a calendar to make it easy to see what events/birthdays etc are happening. We encourage our members to add their events.

This is your own profile page. It allows you to show or hide photos, events, videos etc.  Under the profile tab, you can change the layout of your page.

There is a nice little chat program at the bottom of the screen. You can do one-on-one chatting but also you can go into the chat rooms to talk to your friends. There are public rooms and you can create your own private room.


There are many other features which you can go explore once you join.

Thanks to Pumpkinpuddy for allowing me to write about my new little venture. Hope to see you anipals and humans at

Snuffy Norton-Bearmani”

Thank you so much Snuffy!


I belong to all three – Fursbook, VirtualPetwork, and CanBeSocial. They’re all excellent, but I have to say I personally find CanBeSocial the easiest to use. I find the user interface to be clean, well laid out, and familiar. I haven’t spent as much time there as I’d like to yet. I’m hoping with the cold weather coming I’ll get to spend more time there during the winter since Mom won’t be out so often and can help me with the computer. I hope you’ll check out all three sites. I bet you’ll wind up joining all three like I did!

My First Blogiversary

Today is my first blogiversary. I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly. And what a year it’s been! Better get comfy because this blog’s gonna be a little on the long side. MOL!

Here’s a partial list:

My sweetie Curzon
  1. Joined Twitter, Fursbook, and Facebook and started blogging.
  2. Gained over 1,000 Twitter followers, 246 Facebook friends, and almost 100 regular blog readers.
  3. Wrote 97 blogs here and a couple over at Anipals Read.
  4. Tweeted over 13,5000 tweets. (I’m a real chatterbox, aren’t I?)
  5. Met tweeters from all over the world and made tons of amazing friends.
  6. Sadly, had a bunch of friends go OTRB.
  7. Wrote (well, edited) a book. More about that later.
  8. Adopted a shelter to help support (still working on how to do that effectively).
  9. Went to Blogpaws West 2010.
  10. Stayed in a hotel!
  11. Went lots of cool places in my stroller.
  12. Met some of my twitter friends live and in person.
  13. Went out to dinner at a restaurant. How many kitties can say they’ve been to a restaurant?
  14. Been interviewed for Cats Who Twitter and Anipal Times.
  15. Adopted two fursibs, Candy & EK.
  16. Joined #pinkangels and got a cool Hello Kitty motorcycle.
  17. Became a barktender for #nipclub & #pawpawties.
  18. Got an even cooler vehicle – a Lamborghini Gallardo.
  19. Had a hareem for a while, but now I got a sweetie – Curzon from @UsCoons.
  20. Was bridesmaid in a wedding and am going to be in another one.
  21. Attended lots of pawties.
  22. Won mountains of super cool prizes.
  23. Got Toki Poki cards and traded them with my friends.
  24. Got to wear lots of cool costumes.
  25. Was nominated for an Anipal Academy Award (but didn’t win).
  26. Candy & EK
  27. Entered the 2011 Teddy Olympics.

And that’s just what I can think of right now. I know there’s stuff I’m forgetting.

Most of my blogs have been about fun stuff and exciting adventures, but there have been a few serious ones, too. And I’m gonna get serious now for a little bit. As you all know, I keep trying to raise funds to help out Duncan’s Place (, which is where Candy and EK came from . I’ve put up a chip-in to raise some money for them. They do so much for the cats in their care and for the community and I really want to do whatever I can to help them. If you can see your way clear to donate, even just $1, please do so. 

Another way you can donate is by getting a copy of ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie’. My good pal @BlindMaximus was kind enough to write a blog about it and to put a link to my chip-in on his site. How amazing is that? @Rumblepurr is also helping. He has a link to my book on his blog. If I’ve missed anyone who still has a link up, please let me know. I want to make sure everyone who’s helping me gets mentioned. 

I’m gonna really push the book here for a minute, because of the way the website where I sell the books works. There has to be $25 in my account before they’ll cut a check. What goes in the account is the difference between the cost of the book and how much extra I added on to have to donate to Duncan’s Place. I’m short by about 4 books worth in order to get paid. It was 6 books worth, but @BlindMaximus bought a copy in addition to blogging about it, and @iamDaisyDoo bought a copy to donate for a prize for the next #pawpawty. Anipals really are the best pals. So I’m really hoping that at least 4 of you will order books so I can get one last check to donate.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Giveaway! A while back I won a wonderful prize package from the folks at Nutro. It was very similar to this one:

It took a while until we actually got to eat the Nutro Natural Choice food that was in the prize because of Candy’s tummy problems, but we finally got to try it a couple weeks ago. We loved it!

Even more important, it doesn’t upset Candy’s tummy. We think the food is soooo good and you know how we love Greenies, so I wanted someone else to have a chance at the same wonderful prize package. I asked @EdnaAtNutro and the wonderful folks at Nutro if it would be possible to arrange one for my blogiversary. The answer was yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it is my pleasure to offer you a chance at this package full of fun and yum. Here’s the particulars:

  1. Anyone is welcome to enter for the drawing, but the prize is a cat prize.
  2. Apologies to my pals outside the U.S.A., but the winner has to be in the U.S.A.

Here’s how you enter.

  1. Go to the Nutro ( site and pick which formula of Nutro Natural Choice you’d like.
  2. Go to the Greenies ( site and pick which flavor of Feline Greenies Dental Treats you’d like
  3. Leave a comment saying you want to be in the drawing and telling me which flavors you’d like.

The last step is the most important. I know lots of pals who are not entering will also leave comments, so make sure to tell me you’re entering the drawing.

Comments left by April 30th will qualify for the drawing. After the 30th, I’ll throw all the names in a magic internet hat and pull out the winner. The winner be announced May 8th. Good luck!