Third Gotcha Day News and Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone! First, I want to thank everyone for their paw prayers for Mom’s back. She’s feeling much better now, but still has to watch her computer time.There’s something about her chair or the table height that makes her sit funny and makes her back hurt. She’s working on a more ergonomic setup, but in the meantime, I’ll be using her tablet more for twitter. I type very slowly on the tablet, so you’ll have to bear with me.

Now to the good stuff! As you know, this past Wednesday was my third Gotcha Day. Since that was a workday and last Sunday the weather was so purrfect, we went to Eldorado Canyon State Park. There’s a wheelchair path there that Mom thought would be good for the stroller. It has a great view of the canyon. Aside from pawsome scenery, we saw lots of people rock-climbing. That looked kind of fun, so when we went to the picnic area for brunch I decided to do some rock-climbing, too.

We were down by the creek edge and there were tons of nice crunchy leaves to play with. I didn’t realize the I was so close to the water because of all the leaves. I was just playing with them and having so much fun I stepped right in the water and got my paws wet! I backed out really quick and was trying to shake the water off my paws. Mom just stood there laughing and laughing at me! *shakes head* So here are the pictures from my trip.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for – the Tillman Skateboard Deck Giveaway! I won this cool skateboard deck from the pawsome people at Natural Balance at the last Blogpaws. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions. There are steps to get more than one entry. You don’t have to do all the steps, but you do have to do the steps you say you’re doing. No cheating! If you don’t know how to post links to Twitter or Facebook posts, tag me in the post (@pumpkinpuddy on Twitter, Pumpkinpuddy Katz on Facebook) so I know you posted. I’ll take entries until 11/7 and announce the winner on 11/11. I know I originally said I’d announce the winner on the 9th, but that’s a Friday so I’m gonna wait until my usual blogging day, Sunday. Also, that’s the day before EK & Candy’s Gotcha day and the purrfect day for another Gotcha Day blog.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it for today everyone. Have a great week! *hugs*

Candy & EK’s First Gotcha Day!

Mom went to Duncan’s Place a year ago to find me a playmate and came home with two! This is how we usually find EK and Candy – all cuddled up together, and why Mom brought both home. It’s been an interesting year. In their honor, I’m having a commentathon. More about that later.

EK and I got along right away. I didn’t like Candy at first. In fact, we’re first starting to get along now! Mom even saw me groom Candy last week. Now we all play together all the time.

Pumpkin and Candy on the Fridge

I never used to climb on anything. I didn’t get on counters, much less anywhere higher. But Candy & EK climb on everything! Candy was the first one to go on top of the fridge and the cabinets. Now I go up there too!

EK’s a stinker boy but we like him anyway. Here he is making trouble as usual.

EK in the recycling bin.
EK splashing water all over the kitchen. Mom had to put a washing machine pan under the fountain cuz he makes such a mess!

You’ve all heard about our trials and tribulations with how fussy Candy can be. We have to be careful what she eats or she gets the runs. We’ve changed litters a few times cuz she decided she didn’t like the litter anymore and peed on the rugs. Sigh. Between EK making trouble and Candy being such a fussy thing, sometimes I wonder why Mom kept them. But she did, and now I’m glad she did. I pretend not to like them, but really I do!

Since we had our big pawty for my gotcha day, and it’s Anipal Academy Awards this weekend, we’re having kind of a low key celebration. We did get a nip pawty last night. Here’s Candy playing in the nip.

Now the important stuff. The commentathon. Mom’s giving me 50 cents for each comment I get by Friday, 11/18. Half the green papers are going to Duncan’s Place. After all, that’s where the squirts came from and we support them whenever we can. The other half of the green papers are going to the Santa Paws Drive. We know how much fun toys are and we think shelter pets should have them too. It helps them be less bored while they wait for furever homes and helps them socialize. I hope we get lots of comments! My goal is to have at least $50 – $25 for each place. That’s an awful lot of comments to get there. Don’t let me down pals.

I might have a guest blogger this week, but I’m not sure. If I don’t, I’ll be back myself cuz I got some funny pics I never got around to post. And I’ll update you on the commentathon.

Have a good week everyone!

My Second Gotcha Day!

Monday is my 2nd Gotcha Day! And since Mom’s working Monday, we celebrated yesterday. Mom took me to Washington Park and then when we got home, we finally got to open the gift basket we got from Kong several weeks ago. I wrote about the park outing over at the Stroller Brigade blog. There’s lots of pictures from the outing.

Here we are exploring the package.

Here’s all the cool stuff that was in the package!

Do you see all that pawsome stuff! I can’t believe how many cool toys were in that basket. There was a huge jar of catnip, too. Mom sprinkled some on one of the toys and on me! It was really good nip too. Much better than the nip we had before. That was from someone’s garden. Here I am playing with a mousie and covered with nip.

Here’s Candy playing with her favorite:

EK was partial to the snake:

Not only did I get to go to the park and open my gift basket, but we all got some ham from mom’s sandwich! I have to say, it’s been a pretty terrific day. Happy Sunday everyone!