Good-bye Homer and Bear

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My dear furriends, this is a furry sad Sunday. I had meant to post today about my trip to the Denver Pet Expo, but I woke up this morning to find out that two special furriends went OTRB this weekend: Homer the Blind Wonder Cat and Bear, a furry special dog to all who knew him.

BearBearDThere are no words for how much pain is in my heart for Homer, Bear, and their families. I’ll miss them terribly. I always looked forward to seeing them on Twitter. And Bear’s daily blog entries always made me smile. *wipes leaky eyes*

Bear’s folks haven’t posted anything on his blog yet, but if you’ve never read Bear’s blog you should. You won’t stop smiling. It’s full of pics and musings of a dog that’s had a wonderful life full of fun adventures and fantastic fursibs. UPDATE: Bear’s mom has posted a beautiful letter saying good-bye to Bear. You can feel the love in every word!

Homer’s mom, Gwen, wrote a stunning tribute to her special boy on her blog. This is a must read. Gwen is a pawsome writer and her tribute to her boy is amazing. I wish I could write half as well. Everyone who’s ever loved a four-legged knows the pain a pet parent goes through when one of their fur furriends goes OTRB. Gwen’s tribute to Homer expresses that love and pain in a way that I could never hope to achieve.

Please send your love and purrayers to Homer’s and Bear’s parents to help them through this difficult time. And love and purrayers to everyone who loved them and who’s heart is breaking with mine today.