Denver Dumb Friends League CatFest

Today Mom and Flat Me had a real fun outing. We went to the Denver Dumb Friends League for their CatFest! They’ve been doing this for several years to help increase cat adoptions. The festival does this by drawing more people in so they see the beautiful kitties that are up for adoption and by providing education about cats to dispel a lot of the myths that are out there about kitties.

We were met by DDFL’s PR manager, Chris Gallegos. He told us that DDFL hopes to adopt out 100 kitties during this year’s CatFest week. Their average for prior festivals is 70. I hope they make their goal because they have about 575 cats and kittens to rehome right now. To help make this goal, cats are only $10 to adopt during CatFest. They’ve been advertising CatFest more aggressively this year. And one of the local news channels, 9News, helped out by profiling available cats twice a day all week! How cool is that?

There were lots of vendors at at CatFest. They were selling pawsome cat trees, not-so-shameful cones-of-shame, cat toys, cat trapezes, nip, jewelry, and stuff for our humans, too, like a food court. There were also education stations, like ask-a-vet, the purebreed cat room with lots of purebred kitties to meet, and a clicker training demonstration.[nggallery id=8]

Mom’s an art nut, so one of her favorite vendors was someone who does portraits. His website is by Bas. I bet you know who my favorite vendor was. Did you see who was standing in the cat trapeze booth? My furriend Kate Benjamin from!

There were lots of fun things for the kids to do. There was face painting, arts and crafts, a bouncy house, and other games and activities. One was a junior group for educating kids about cats. [nggallery id=9]

One of the big sponsors of CatFest was Hills. They were giving away a food sample. You know what that means – a product review in the works.

Flat Me had fun getting my picture taken. [nggallery id=10]

Here’s the best picture of Flat Me:

Do you see who’s holding Flat Me? Woo hoo!

That’s right my furriends – the one and only Jackson Galaxy was at CatFest! Flat Me got my picture taken with him and I got his autograph on one of my moo cards. I only wish I could have been there in the fur, but it was almost 100 degrees out and the space where we were waiting to see Jackson was very narrow and crowded. I’d have been too hot outside and my big old stroller would have taken up too much room inside. So Flat Me had all the fun.

So that was CatFest. The Denver Dumb Friends League has all kinds of great events during the year. If you’re in the Denver area, go to their website to see what’s coming up next. DDFL doesn’t just help cats and dogs find homes. They work with horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and all kinds of pets in every size you can imagine. Please think of them the next time you’re thinking of adopting a new furriend. And if you find any spare change under the sofa cushions, you can donate it here.

BlogPaws Day 2

How do you all like my new header? I figured after two years it was time for a new one. Next, Happy 4th of July. And happy birthday Candy. It’s not really her birthday, but we don’t know when her birthday really is, just that it’s in July. So Mom picked July 4. Candy gets quite a celebration for her birthday. MOL! OK. Now on to BlogPaws Day 2.

Friday morning started with breakfast and a presentation from Betsy Saul, co-founder of She talked about the history of how we deal with pets in this country and how we’ve moved from animal control to our present philosophy of adopting out as many animals as possible and that they should be treated humanely while in the shelter. Something new some shelters are experimenting with is doing training and enrichment with shelter animals to make them more adoptable.

After breakfast we visited the vendors’ room. The vendors were all absolutely pawsome. They had great information, and lots and lots of samples. Wait until you see how much stuff I brought back. I’ll be doing product reviews for months!

My first session was Monetization 101 with Rebecca Braglio of the Philly Dog. She talked about different types of advertising, how to get people interested in advertising on your blog, some pricing strategies, and told us about some of the ways she developed relationships with possible advertisers and won them over.

After the session we went to the catification lounge to check it out. OMC was it pawsome! Mom let me walk around on my leash and check stuff out. I crawled inside a cat ball and hung out there for a while. Then I went back to the room for a nap and Mom went to lunch. She’s gonna tell you about the rest of the afternoon.

Mom here. My next session was WordPress 101 with Ryan Hughes of Oodle Tech. I was hoping to learn some new things about WordPress, but it was pretty basic. There was a lot of time for questions, so I did get to have him look at my blog and got some help fixing a couple of layout problems I was having. So I was really glad I chose that session.

By then I was pretty tired and brain dead, so I went to where Wanda (@MaggieTKat) had the  Honor Flag project was set up and made flags honoring my three OTRB kitties, Beastie, Sheena, and Pixie. Then I brought Pumpkin back down for the evening.

Pumpkin here. We went to hear Sarah Donner sing, then went to the Catification Lounge for pizza, a video hello from Jackson Galaxy, and a photo game for prizes. We won a Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center. I got my picture taken with a whole bunch of people and got to visit with lots of friends. I have to say a special thank you to Jackson Galaxy and Kate from Moderncat as well as Zero Odor for hosting the Catification Lounge. It was so cool to see all those cat products that normally you only see online. Mom got a great idea of what would interest me and what wouldn’t from letting me investigate stuff in the room. Plus, we just had a great time in there. Oh, and Kate, thank you for my presents. *hugs*

Here are the pictures from day 2.