A visit from Oliver von Steiff

My good furriend Oliver von Steiff (who most of you know as @OllyTed) was telling me about a cute book he was reading. So I asked him if he’d like to write about for my blog. Lucky me – he said yes!

“my deer furend pumkin arskd mee too rite a reevyew of @TheCatsDiary’s ferst buk “Getting Out: Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary” but I finks my partikulah hoomun bettah do th typin wile I diktayt!

“Getting Out” is the story of a cat, indeed the Cat’s increasingly ingenious and occasionally dangerous attempts to escape from his “captors.” The story is told in diary form from the Cat’s point of view with day following adventure filled day. From forced labour (training on Cat Litter) to creating a Time Tunnel for escape the Cat’s ingenuity and character are charming!

I loved when the Cat discovered his first prawn and his desperation to get more prawns! He reminded me of my own small obsession with cakes! It was easy to get lost in the Cat’s world and then look up from the page at our own Bengal cats and wonder if they were planning escape too! I was rather glad that each of the Cats attempts at escape came to nothing because his captors seemed to be quite nice humans and his home was a very nice comfortable one! Life on the streets dear Cat, is not so cosy and there are no prawns for a hungry cat.

Sometimes the Cat’s ramblings were a little confusing for a small bear as the translator captured mercurial moments and perhaps the book could have been shorter and still been fun and funny but overall I enjoyed “Getting Out” enormously.

Getting Out: Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary translated from the original cat by John Woodcock

fank yew pumpkin – ther my reevewh i howps yew can reed my partikulah hoomuns riting ok



Thanks Olly. Doesn’t that sound like a fun book? I thought the book sounded so interesting, that I ordered a copy! Lots of places have the paper copy. If you’re looking for an ebook copy, the only place I found it was on Amazon.com, and you have to be careful when ordering it from there. There were two different listings for the ebook – one at $9.99 and one at $15.00. I couldn’t find a difference between the two ebook copies. Olly got his from Kobo.com, but I couldn’t get it to pull up. Olly’s in the U.K. The ebook copy may not be licensed to Kobo.com in the U.S.A. I bet that’s more than you wanted to know about book licensing issues. Hmmm. Maybe I should do a blog on that! MOL

I guess the cooler weather is making everyone want to stay inside and read! There’s been a lot of book reviews lately. I’ve got two more in the works for next month, too, so stay tuned.

See you Sunday everyone! *waves*