Good-bye Dear @Scully_Cat

I don't know who made this avi for Scully, but I hope they don't mind that I borrowed it.

Today we all said good-bye to one of the feistiest cats on Twitter, my furriend, @Scully_Cat. It feels like deja vu. It seems we just did this for her brofur, @Mulder_Cat.

@Scully_Cat was smart, sassy, funny, and could give her @Staffpurrson or anyone else the stinkeye like no one else could. She was a brave kitty who fought a really tough fight against chronic renal failure. Now she’s OTRB with Mulder, running free and happy like a kitten and no longer in pain. I’m sure Mulder stocked the mansion with cases and cases of Luna Tuna in preparation for Scully’s arrival.

I wish we lived closer to @Staffpurrson so we could be of more comfort to him right now. He’s alone in the house for the first time in 12 years, and a bad storm is on the way. It breaks my heart to think of him alone in a storm with no kitty for company. @Staffpurrson did the best he could for Scully, going way above and beyond what a lot of pet parents would have done. I hope he doesn’t wait too long to bring home new fur furriends. Any cats he chooses to adopt will be furry lucky to have him.

If anyone wants to make a donation in @Scully_Cat’s honor, you can donate to Kings Highway Cat Rescue Inc. This is the shelter that @Mulder_Cat came from. Let them know it’s in memory of Scully Kreps.

Mulder and Scully are the ones that brought me to Twitter and blogging, and now they’re both gone. I hope they’ll continue to tweet from OTRB. It’s hard to think of the anipal twitterverse without their humor, wit, and chutzpah.

For my furriend, Mulder_Cat

Yesterday, my dear dear furriend @Mulder_Cat lost his battle with cancer. He and his Staffpurrson fought it for 14 months, which is pretty amazing. It was a good fight, but we all knew that the day would come when he couldn’t fight anymore.

@Mulder_cat was a very special cat. He was always there for everyone. He was smart, funny, a wiseacre, and never failed to make me laugh. I know he’s not really gone in some ways. Mulder is tweeting already from OTRB. He’s in a place where there’s no more cancer, no more pain, and where he’s whole and healthy again. He said he even has his man-bits back! Plus, when you love someone as much as we all loved Mulder, they’re never really gone.

But it’s still sad, especially for Staffpurrson and Mulder’s sisfur, @Scully_cat. They won’t get to snuggle him or play with him anymore. Scully won’t have anyone to share the Harry & David boxes with anymore. He won’t be there to make biscuits in Staffpurrson’s lap anymore. I’m sure the house is going to feel empty for a long time. And if you’ll forgive a moment of levity, I wonder what Staffpurrson is going to do with all that Luna Tuna?

Mulder, Scully, and Staffpurrson were my very first furriends on Twitter. Mom knows Staffpurrson for several years from a TiVo forum. He kept telling her how much fun he and the cats were having on Twitter. Mom finally checked it out and saw how wonderful the anipal twitterverse is and signed me up! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t know any of you.

In case anyone wants to make a donation in Mulder’s memory, there is a link on the Nip Club page to make a donation to Kings Highway Cat Rescue. This is the rescue that matched up Mulder with Staffpurrson. I think it was a perfect match.

It was my honor to lead Kaddish for Mulder.

Here we are gathered on Mulder’s Porch for Kaddish (photo courtesy of (@JinJinDoggy). You can see Mulder looking down at us from the waving cloud. Some of us will be here the rest of the week sitting Shiva. Please come join us to honor and celebrate the special life that was @Mulder_Cat.