Sunday Musing – Prizes!

I’m a very bad kitty. I’m way behind on posting about some prizes I won. One of them because the weather didn’t cooperate, the others because I’ve just been lazy about blogging. *embarrassed*

So here they are. The first one I have to tell you about is my Kritter Kondo. I won it back in December, but didn’t get to use it until a few weeks ago. The weather was just too yucky to be out on the ground. So here are the first pictures of me in my Kritter Kondo!

Mom’s not the world’s est photographer, so she couldn’t get the camera to focus on me instead of the netting, but that’s me! I spent about 20 minutes in the Kondo, and then EK got a turn.

For some reason, he’s easier to see. He took a long time to come out of the tent, and then kept trying to crawl in mom’s lap despite the netting. He didn’t stay outside very long at all.

Candy didn’t get a turn cuz she had a stroller ride that day so already got to be outside. Since then we’ve mostly had rain, so she still hasn’t gotten a turn. But she will!

The next prize I have to tell you about is from @coloradocatnip. They make wonderful toys and things for kitties and they have fresh organic catnip in them. Here are Candy and I playing with the new toys.

The last prize I have to show you is the medal we won from the 2011 Teddy Olympics. We all entered, but EK wouldn’t wear the medal for a picture, so there’s just Candy and me.

Finally, I’m all caught up! Happy Sunday!

The Excitement Continues.

The excitement from last week continued right through this week. I got great holiday cards from @Ryker_Tyker & family and from @DuchessCrabtree. I also got greeting cards and TokiPoki cards from @Mariodacat, @Yoda_the_Dog, and @BorisKitty. The Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe that I won from Kritters that Twitter came this week, too. I can’t wait for nice weather to try it out.

Then yesterday the doorbell rang and rang. The first package had the Cafe Britt coffee in it that I won from @Petethecat at #pawpawty. Mom hasn’t tried the coffee yet because she has a cold and can’t taste anything. She wants to wait until she can taste properly before trying the coffee. The next package was a present from Amanda from Greenies – a huge bag of tuna flavored Greenies. I couldn’t believe it!

Later in the afternoon Mom went to the mailbox to get the mail and came back with more packages! The beautiful bear I won from @I_am_fuzzy showed up. That was really a surprise because Evie (that’s the bear’s name) came all the way from England! Her compartment even got opened in customs and still only took a week to get here. On top of that, the necklace for Candy that I won from @MizzBassie came yesterday, too. What a day!

There are too many pictures for me to stick them in here, so I just put one picture. If you click on it, it links to the album with all the pictures and even a couple of videos.

I know there’s more excitement coming because Mom’s been hiding stuff from us for Catmus. If we aren’t the most spoiled rotten kitties on the planet, I don’t know who is! I sometimes feel guilty because I know there are so many animals that need lots of help and don’t even have safe places to live or food to eat. I purr and purray for them every day and do what I can to help. I think after Catmus we need to go through all the toys and take some to the local shelter.

Happy Holidays my furriends. Lots of love to everyone.

Sunday Musings

Lots of news today. First the fursib news. Candy & EK went to the v-e-t yesterday for checkups. They were subjected to the dreaded alien butt probes (shudder) and injections. The poor things. Then today, Candy was trying to get her collar off and made her paw bleed. Mom checked and all her claws are intact and she’s ok. Mom put her in the big bathroom and cuddled with her for a while so she’d rest and not play.

Now my news. This weekend was #pawpawty and @I_am_fuzzy’s birthday pawty. I won prizes at both pawties! From @I_am_fuzzy I won a beautiful pink bear. This picture was posted in twitpic by @I_am_fuzzy. At #pawpawty I won coffee for Mom donated by @petiethecat. Mom just loves her coffee so she’s happy I won something for her. And now the biggest news of all!

Do you see the picture? Do you know what that is? That’s right my pals. I was one of the lucky winners of a Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe from our wonderful friends over at Kritters That Twitter. I hope they don’t mind that I borrowed this picture from them for my blog, but it ships tomorrow so I won’t have my own pics for a while. I can’t stop dancing I’m so happy.


Back to #pawpawty for a bit. Mom had a bunch of really cool holiday stuff in the basement just collecting dust. We don’t really celebrate Catmus, but people keep giving her Catmus stuff. We decided some of them would make perfect #pawpawty prizes. Why should they collect dust when someone else might really enjoy having them? Plus, it helps the shelters and makes #pawpawty more fun for everyone. So, concatulations to @flicka47, @sadlovelyheart, @hanseebundee, and @pepismartdog who won the prizes.


Sorry the pictures are all over the place. I just couldn’t get them where I wanted them no matter what I tried! Anyway, that’s it for this weekend. Talk to you next week!