Leaf Peeping 2011

I’m turning the blog over to Evie this week. Mom and her friend Chris went on their annual leaf peeping drive. In fact, this year they took two drives. And Evie got to go along on both drives. All yours, Evie.

Thanks Pumpkin. There’s a road just outside Estes Park that says Big Elk Meadow. Mom and Chris have been saying for years that they have to go out that road and see what’s there. After 15 years of saying we have to check out “that road” they finally did it. Guess what was on “that road”. Nothing! It leads to a gated development that you can’t even see into from the gate.

Stuff like that never bothers them because they always have a Plan B. This time Plan B was going over to Lily Lake and having a picnic, and then driving back to Denver on a road they hadn’t been on in a while. We went from Lily Lake to Nederland, stopped for a drink, and then past Blackhawk to Cold Creek Canyon and on into Denver.

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One thing about driving through the mountains and on twisty roads is you get a completely different view depending on which direction your driving. The drive from Estes Park to Denver was so beautiful, Mom and Chris decided to do it again on Friday but in the reverse direction. Then we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park because we wanted to hear the elk bugling. After that we had lunch in Estes Park, walked around a bit, then went back through the park, then headed home through the Big Thompson Canyon.

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I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, “Where are the elk pictures?”. We couldn’t find them! For the first time in 30 years that Mom’s been going to RMNP, she didn’t see one singleĀ  solitary elk, much less elk bugling. šŸ™Ā  The park has fenced off the areas the elk usually frequent because they’re overgrazed so they can be reforested and restored. No clue where the elk were, but they weren’t where we could see them. The only elk I got to see was the elk burger in Mom’s lunch. Sigh.

I had a great time anyway. The scenery was amazing, I had my first Black & Tan and my first elk burger (I got to taste Mom’s), and got to wander around Estes Park for a bit. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Both drives were wonderful and I’m so happy Mom took me along.

Pumpkin here. Thanks Evie for sharing your trip and your pictures with us. I knew she was pulling my leg about the elk’s bugling. There’s no way an elk can play a bugle!

Make sure you come back on Wednesday. My guest blogger will be @SnuffyNorton of House of Bearmani and Fauxgue fame. Have a great week everyone!