Third Gotcha Day News and Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone! First, I want to thank everyone for their paw prayers for Mom’s back. She’s feeling much better now, but still has to watch her computer time.There’s something about her chair or the table height that makes her sit funny and makes her back hurt. She’s working on a more ergonomic setup, but in the meantime, I’ll be using her tablet more for twitter. I type very slowly on the tablet, so you’ll have to bear with me.

Now to the good stuff! As you know, this past Wednesday was my third Gotcha Day. Since that was a workday and last Sunday the weather was so purrfect, we went to Eldorado Canyon State Park. There’s a wheelchair path there that Mom thought would be good for the stroller. It has a great view of the canyon. Aside from pawsome scenery, we saw lots of people rock-climbing. That looked kind of fun, so when we went to the picnic area for brunch I decided to do some rock-climbing, too.

We were down by the creek edge and there were tons of nice crunchy leaves to play with. I didn’t realize the I was so close to the water because of all the leaves. I was just playing with them and having so much fun I stepped right in the water and got my paws wet! I backed out really quick and was trying to shake the water off my paws. Mom just stood there laughing and laughing at me! *shakes head* So here are the pictures from my trip.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for – the Tillman Skateboard Deck Giveaway! I won this cool skateboard deck from the pawsome people at Natural Balance at the last Blogpaws. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions. There are steps to get more than one entry. You don’t have to do all the steps, but you do have to do the steps you say you’re doing. No cheating! If you don’t know how to post links to Twitter or Facebook posts, tag me in the post (@pumpkinpuddy on Twitter, Pumpkinpuddy Katz on Facebook) so I know you posted. I’ll take entries until 11/7 and announce the winner on 11/11. I know I originally said I’d announce the winner on the 9th, but that’s a Friday so I’m gonna wait until my usual blogging day, Sunday. Also, that’s the day before EK & Candy’s Gotcha day and the purrfect day for another Gotcha Day blog.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it for today everyone. Have a great week! *hugs*

Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls’ Day

You’ve heard me talk about the cats Mom had before I came along. If you read my interview on Cat’s Who Twitter you know their story. Well now you get to see their faces.

 This is Beastie. Look at that face and you can tell where the name came from. MOL. She was Mom’s first kitty. Mom got her from a neighbor as a kitten and she lived to be 16 1/2. Mom said she actually wasn’t a beastie, but was very sweet. Her daddy was a Persian kitty and Beastie inherited her beautiful fluff from him.

This is Sheena. She passed last Thanksgiving at 18 years old! She lived the longest of any cat Mom’s had. She came to Mom as a kitten from a coworker. I got to meet this kitty before she went to the bridge. She and Pixie were best friends and she was very lonely when Pixie passed. Mom got me as a playmate for Sheena, but Sheena didn’t live very long after I was adopted. I guess I came to Mom just in time to keep her from being lonely without Sheena.

This is Pixie. Someone threw her out of a van. Mom tried to find her that night and couldn’t. Six weeks later after a snowstorm, she showed up on Mom’s porch. She was all wet, cold, matted, and starving. Mom took her in and it was love at first sight. She lived with Mom for 12 1/2 years before she passed. I look a lot like her except I have a nice floofy tail and Pixie didn’t have a tail. Mom thinks she was part Manx.

I’m lucky to have had them as sisfurs, even if I didn’t get to meet them. They were the cats that taught Mom how to open her heart and home to kitties. They also taught Mom that cats were meant to be loved and spoiled. And boy am I spoiled!

Please join this week’s photo blog hop and tell us about the ones in your life that came before you that you want to honor.

Kitten scribbles

Random musings today.

I got Royal Mails yesterday. My #pawpawty prize of a scarf from @pasikas came. There was a surprise in the package! 2 scarves! More details and pics by the weekend.

Mom was reading this today:  There’s a picture there that looks just like me. Kitty that looks like me. This kitty even has circular markings on its belly like mine. Mom thought I might be a Maine Coon mix because of my personality and cause of my beautiful fur and markings. Now she’s pretty sure.

Mom saw a coyote when she took her walk yesterday. It was just outside the fence to our subdivision. It was staring at her, so she just stood real still so it wouldn’t be scared of her. Finally it walked off and Mom finished her walk. I’m glad I wasn’t with her even though I would be safe in my stroller. Being that close to a coyote sounds scary.

The man from the insurance company comes tomorrow and then Mom will know more about the roof. She knows they’ll fix it. She’s just hoping they give us enough money for a roof that won’t get holes in it again. Then we don’t have to worry no more about ice cubes from the sky.

I’ll try to do a good post this weekend. Mommy has to go to a wedding one day and a baseball game another, but I’ll make her sit down at the ‘puter and type for me and put my pics up.