Meezer Colors Day

EK here. I’m borrowing the blog for today to show you my meezer colors.

I know I look more like a tabby than a meezer with my beautiful cream and orange markings, but just look at me! I have blue eyes, I’m built like a meezer (I’m little for a boy cat) and I have a meezer meow. And Cathy at Duncan’s Place told Mom that I’m part meezer when Mom picked me out. So I think I get to show off my beautiful colors for Meezer Colors Day. You may admire me now.

*gets poked by Pumpkin. ‘Don’t forget to…’* Sheese. I didn’t forget. Go away, Pumpkin. Sisfurs! What are you gonna do? Anyway, I’m supposed to remind efurrybody that if you entered the Hill’s Giveaway, to go here to see if you won and how to claim your prize.

Happy Meezer Colors Day! *preens*