A Visit from a Twitter Pal

Happy Sunday everyone! I got something really fun to share with you today – we had a visit from @tinypearlcat’s mom, Rochelle.

The fun started before she even got to the house. Mom picked Rochelle up from the airport and they went straight to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge so they could see the bison. And boy, did they see bison! The bison practically came right up to the car. It was a little scary.

They're right next to the road! This picture is courtesy of Rochelle.
They’re right next to the road! This picture is courtesy of Rochelle.

Can you see all the babies in there? (Click on the pictures to biggify.) Mom loves seeing the bison. Sometimes they go to the side of the park nearest the road she takes to work and she can see them as she drives. Look how close to the car they came:

Then they finally got to the house and I got to meet Rochelle. She brought us toys! Wasn’t that nice? I got a new ball to play fetch with. I played with it for days and days and days. There were also feather butt toys. Candy’s still going crazy with those. Feather butt toys are her favorite. Pearl must have told her mom what our favorite toys are. Either that, or she’s such a great cat lady that she just knows what kitties like!

Next day they drove all over the place. They went from our house to Boulder, Nederland, Central City, Idaho Springs, Echo Lake, over Squaw Pass, and finally to Morrison where they had dinner. They were hoping to see lots of fall colors, but they were about a week early for prime color. They did get to see some color though. Barnabus and Lippe Jr went, too, along with some of Pearl’s stuffies and Flat Pearl. Look at all the cool stuff they saw!

We had more visiting time with Rochelle that evening. Then the next morning she had to go home. I’m sad it was a short visit, but glad we got to see her at all! It’s so fun having visits from Twitter pals. Hope more pals can come to visit. We have lots of room!

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!