Ringo Puddy reviews mrchewy.com

This is my littermate, Ringo Puddy. Some of you know him from Facebook. He lives with Mom’s friend Chris, lots of other cats, and they take care of a feral colony.

So when we were approached by mrchewy.com with the offer of a $50 coupon to try out their site, Mom and I immediately thought of Ringo. We had just bought a bunch of food and didn’t need any, but they always need food over there!

So here’s Ringo to tell us about his experience with ordering from mrchewy.com.

Hi Pumpkin!  Mommy ordered sum food for me on da Mr Chewy website, and she really likes it! Mommy likes buying me and my brofurs healthy food cuz we dont get upset tummies as much, and our potty boxes aren’t so stinkly. Mommy likes all da health food for me and my brofurs, and da litters and da treats. Mommy sez dat da website was easy to work wif, and da food came in only three days! Plus, mommy got free shipping, so da man in da white box could bring me my food real fast. Mommy sez dat it was hard to choose da food cuz dere was lots to get, and she really likes da delivery cuz da only healthy food store is not close to our house, and she dosen’t always want to drive dere. Mommy sez dat she will order from Mr Chewy on a regular basis cuz dey did a good job, and she likes dem!!

Ringo Puddy

Sounds like one happy kitty to me! They really liked ordering from mrchewy.com. Looks like we’ll have to give it a try the next time we need food. I checked, and they do have the food we like. With over 70 brands to choose from, I’m sure they have your brand, too!


They also have free delivery if you order more the $49 worth. That’s pretty good. Shipping is very expensive on lots of sites. And even sites that sometimes give free shipping don’t give it on heavy stuff like food and litter.

Looks like we’ll have to give mrchewy.com a try the next time we need to order food! Kind of makes me wish we’d kept that $50 coupon for ourselves! MOL

Thanks for stopping by today. See you on Sunday!