I’m three!

I’ve been having the best birthday ever! First, @Edgardakitty came to stay for a whole month. Then, I got a new harness and leash. I got a pawsome birthday present from my #1 mancat, Henry Thomas Stockman. And today, I got to go to my favorite park. I got lots of pictures to show you.

First, here’s @Edgardakitty’s arrival.

I’m warning Edgar about what a sneak EK is.
Candy and Edgar getting acquainted.







And me in my new harness from nipandbones.com.

Last night my birthday present came from my boyfriendcat, Henry (@quadpawd). He sent pawsome, custome decorated cookies from Lainey’s Pawtique & Bakery. Look how fantastic these are.

Look how pretty they’re packed.
Mom arranged the cookies into a message.
I rearranged the cookies to change the message.

Thanks sweetie for the wonderful surprise!

But the best part of everything was going to my favorite park with Edgar. There’s 2 groups of pictures. Clicking on the pictures shows page one of them, then you have to switch to page two to see the rest!

[nggallery id=11]

To top things off we’ve got #nipclub monthly this weekend and that’s always a blast.

It’s EK’s birthday too (he’s two), but he didn’t get anything special. I’m sharing my cookies with him. We pretty much all share everything. Except I’m not gonna share Henry with Candy! MOL

That’s all for today everyone. Have a great week everybody!

My Poor Woolly Snail

As you know, about two months ago I ordered a pink woolly snail from Nip and Bones. And you know EK promptly stole it from me. Well, this is what my poor snail looks like 2 months later!

My poor snail!

It didn’t take him a week to pull the swirly off the back and chew through one of the antennas. Now, only two months later, the snail’s hump is almost pulled off and there’s pink fuzz all over the house. What am I gonna do with that boy? He breaks everything he gets his paws on!

Sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself that I really do love my brofur. He just makes it furry hard sometimes.

Wooly Snail and Dental Chews Review


See this fishy? This used to be EK’s favorite toy. Not any more. His new favorite – my pink wooly snail. MY pink wooly snail. MY snail that I ordered with MY http://www.nipandbones.com/ gift certificate that I won at #pawpawty. ME, not EK. I won the gift certificate and I ordered the snail for me. Do you think I’ve gotten to play with it yet? NO! Little stinker boy’s been hogging it ever since it showed up. Needless to say, it’s a very popular toy in our house, and I haven’t even gotten to nom on it very much yet.

The snail I’m talking about is this one: http://www.nipandbones.com/snail-cat-chew-toy.html. You can see it in this picture:

Here’s a video of EK playing with the snail:

So that’s sort of my review of the Wooly Snail. It’s just fun to play with however you like to play. It’s nommy for chewing on, too.

The other toy I ordered with my prize was Dental Chew Toys – http://www.nipandbones.com/dental-health-chew-cat-toys.html. You can see them in the picture, too. So far no one’s shown any interest in them. Mom’s even waved them right in front of our faces trying to get us interested in them. Nothing doing. For some reason, not a one of us wants to play with them. So I guess my review is that we think they’re boring.

So that’s my review of the other two toys that were in the box. I’m so glad I got the Spiky Ball to test. I love it so much that I guess I can let EK hog the pink snail for a while. I’ll have to sneak my snail time in when he’s napping. MOL

Enjoy the rest of your week!