Anipal Photo Hunt #10: How Annoying!

Mostly I like when Mom treats me like a baby. But there are limits!

Need I say more?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh my furriends, I just had to write about my mother’s day adventure. My new bed for my stroller and my new harness and leash showed up yesterday. The weather was so nice today Mom and I had to go out and try out my new stuff. I figured we’d just go for a walk in the neighborhood like we usually do, but no! Mom loaded me in my carrier and put me in the car (I didn’t like this part).

When we got out of the car, we were at a huge park with two lakes, a stream, a playground, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s called the Adams County Regional Park. What an adventure. I saw all kinds of new things today. The first new thing I saw was a bridge going over the water. I’ve never been on a bridge before. We saw all kinds of birds – one with a red head that mom doesn’t know the name of. We also saw a killdeer (got a pic of that one), mourning doves, robins, egrets, cormorants, blackbirds, and some others that mom couldn’t identify. People were playing, fishing, picnicking, running, riding bikes, and walking their pets.

I saw other things I’d never seen before. I saw some things that looked like paper flying. Two of them were. Mom said they’re called kites. The other thing was actually something alive and called a butterfly. I’ve decided I really like butterflies. I also saw a squirrel. He was funny.

We found a nice table in the shade to have a picnic. I walked around some, but mostly I stayed in the stroller even though it was open and I could get out if I wanted to. But there was so much to see and watch and smell that I didn’t take a nap the whole 3 hours we were out.

The people were playing all kinds of interesting games, most of them with balls. I didn’t know there were so many kinds of balls and ways of playing with them. People were throwing them, kicking them, and hitting them out of the grass with funny bent sticks.

I investigated the grass, climbed some rocks, and went to the playground. Silly mom put me in a baby swing. Not so much fun (the rocks were better). I checked out the slide, but it didn’t look too interesting. Cats don’t really like playgrounds, so we didn’t stay there very long.

There were too many pictures to try to put them in the blog, but here’s a link to them:

2010-5-9 Mother’s Day at Adams County Fairgrounds

When we got home, I crawled into my little red tent and took a long nap. I was a tired kitty!

I’m so thankful to have my mom. I’d still be living in that nasty trailer park if she hadn’t rescued me. I have plenty food and treats. I’ve got lots of toys and nice warm places to sleep. But not only do I have a great place to live, I have a mom who plays with me and gives me lots of love and cuddles and scritches and takes me on wonderful adventures. I’m just the luckiest little kitty.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. The best mom in the whole world!