Wooly Snail and Dental Chews Review


See this fishy? This used to be EK’s favorite toy. Not any more. His new favorite – my pink wooly snail. MY pink wooly snail. MY snail that I ordered with MY http://www.nipandbones.com/ gift certificate that I won at #pawpawty. ME, not EK. I won the gift certificate and I ordered the snail for me. Do you think I’ve gotten to play with it yet? NO! Little stinker boy’s been hogging it ever since it showed up. Needless to say, it’s a very popular toy in our house, and I haven’t even gotten to nom on it very much yet.

The snail I’m talking about is this one: http://www.nipandbones.com/snail-cat-chew-toy.html. You can see it in this picture:

Here’s a video of EK playing with the snail:

So that’s sort of my review of the Wooly Snail. It’s just fun to play with however you like to play. It’s nommy for chewing on, too.

The other toy I ordered with my prize was Dental Chew Toys – http://www.nipandbones.com/dental-health-chew-cat-toys.html. You can see them in the picture, too. So far no one’s shown any interest in them. Mom’s even waved them right in front of our faces trying to get us interested in them. Nothing doing. For some reason, not a one of us wants to play with them. So I guess my review is that we think they’re boring.

So that’s my review of the other two toys that were in the box. I’m so glad I got the Spiky Ball to test. I love it so much that I guess I can let EK hog the pink snail for a while. I’ll have to sneak my snail time in when he’s napping. MOL

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Packages From Near and Far

Happy Sunday efurryone! My Sunday started out perfect. All three of us kitties snuggled in bed with mom for a really long time while she finished a book she was reading. It must have been a big book cause it took hours and hours to read. Plus there were scritches and games of ‘chase mom’s fingers under the blankie’. It was lovely.

Now for my excitement this weekend. I got two packages – one from nearby and one from very far away. The first package was the one from far away. It came all the way from New Zealand from my furriend @rumblepurr.

See at the top? It says “New Zealand Post” Isn’t that pawsome?

Of course I had to inspect the package furry carefully before I let Mom open it for me.

Sniff, Sniff. I can smell Rumblefamily on it. Cool.

Wait ’til you see what was inside. It was a kiwi. It even made kiwi noises. Isn’t it cute? There was also a lovely card from @rumblepurrand a little finger puppet.

Getting acquainted.

The other box was from Nip and Bones. It had the snail and dental chew toys I ordered with my #pawpawty prize gift certificate, and also a surprise!

See the purple, green, and white fringy thing? That’s a Go Cat Go Spiky Ball! I didn’t buy it, but it’s not a present, either. I got it for a furry special reason.  Baby Patches selected me to be one of her toy testers! I’m so excited about that. We get toys to test and right a review about. Of course, I don’t get paid to do reviews. I do them because I want to help Baby Patches and Nip and Bones find just the right stuff fur us to buy.

Well Baby Patches knows how much I like to play fetch, so she thought I’d be the purrfect cat to test out the Spiky Ball to see if Nip and Bones should carry it. We have thirty days to play with and review the toys, but I didn’t need thirty days. I’ve hardly stopped playing with since mom took it off the card for me. Candy and EK like it, too.

Here are the pros and cons, pros first:
It flies well when mom throws it.
It’s nice and soft to bite into so I can carry it easily.
It’s light enough to bat around and toss in the air.
It’s big enough to fight with and almost big enough to bunny kick.
It slides really well on the wood floors.

It doesn’t bounce well.
It’s too big to go under the door to play door hockey.

As you can see, the con list is really short.

Here’s a video of me playing with it:

That’s my review of the Spiky Ball. I would highly recommend it for any cat that likes to play fetch or chase, or likes toys they can carry around in their mouth easily.

Even though these aren’t toys that were sent for testing, later in the week I’ll do a review of the toys we ordered. One we liked, the other we ignored. Check back later in the week to find out which was which. MOL Have a good week efurryone!

Hill’s Science Diet Giveaway Results

It’s time to announce the winners of the 15 bags of Hill’s® Science Diet® Hairball Control cat food. There were only 16 entries, so everybody wins! Concatulations everyone! 15 of you will get your bags direct from Hill’s and someone local to me will get their food from me because I have some extra here at the house. Unfortunately, as wonderful as this food is, one of us in the household has an extremely sensitive tummy and didn’t react well to it (glares at offending sisfur). EK and I think this is wonderful food. If it were up to us, Mom would switch us to this. Unfortunately, the kitty with the sensitive tummy outvotes the rest of us. 🙁

Please email where you want your food shipped to pumpkinpuddy@gmail.com. I’ll forward all the addresses on to the wonderful people at Hill’s. Thanks everyone for participating in my giveaway. I know you’re gonna like this food. I sure did.

That’s it for this Sunday. Lippe had a big weekend and we gotta get all the pictures on the computer and get them labeled so we can post them, so I gotta say bye for now.  *runs off to get camera*