Treasure, Prizes and Other Treats

Treasure finally arrived. He came to me all the way from England by Royal Mail. I won him in a contest from BarkWorld Expo. There was a contest on Frugal’s pawpawty blog to name the doggy, and whoever had the best name won the doggy. The winner was announced at the #pjpawpawty. They thought I had the best name, and now Treasure has come to live with me. He’s exactly as described, and you’ll see in the pictures he looks purrfect on our couch. He’s just the right colors. Mom figured out how to embed a slideshow in the blog so here are pictures of me and Treasure.

I told you how lucky I was that at the last #pawpawty I won a gift certificate to my pal’s Baby Patches mom’s store, Nip and Bones. Well, I ordered the most pawsome little fishy bowls to have my dinner out of. Those came today. But there was something else in the box, too. Mom got me some surprises! Nommy surprises! I got shrimps (some of you call them prawns) and some venison treats. Oh my cats, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so nommy. So that’s what the rest of the pictures are – me opening my box from Nip and Bones and checking out the stuff from the box.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures, although I have to say I’m getting a little tired of Mom and her flashy box.

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One lucky kitty

I must be the luckiest kitty there is. Not only do I have the very bestest mom, but I seem to be lucky at contests, too.

First I won the doggy in the name the stuffed doggy contest. I named him Treasure, and I can’t wait for him to get here. Then I won a $20 gift certificate to Nip and Bones at the #PawPawty. Now at the #Wigglepawty, I won a scarf that @Pasikas donated. I wasn’t going to answer any quizzes at the pawty cause I’d already won some prizes, but no one was answering the quiz!

So, my friends, you have to answer more quizzes at the pawties so I don’t keep getting all the prizes. Although if the prize is for Nip and Bones again, I may have to answer that one.