Product Review – The Natural Pet Company 100% Natural Catnip

DSCN4596Happy Sunday everyone. A few weeks ago I reviewed some toys from The Natural Pet Company. Today I’m going to review the 100% Natural Catnip that was in the same package.

We’re not the biggest fans of catnip in this house. Catnip stuffed toys tend to be ignored. EK has no use for catnip at all. We girls are hit or miss. Mom sprinkled some catnip on the floor to see how we’d like it. EK never even sniffed at it. Candy sniffed and it and that was about it. I put in the link to the videos because the embedded ones don’t seem to be working properly.

I quite liked it and rolled around in it for a while.

Mom liked that it’s 100% natural. And at $11.99 for 4 oz, it’s significantly less expensive than some of the other premium catnip out there. The packaging seals up quite well. You can’t smell the catnip through the packaging, so I’m assuming that also means that air isn’t getting in the package so the catnip stays pretty fresh in there.

So in this house, the catnip gets a thumbs up from Mom and 4 paws up from the one kitty here that likes catnip – me! I think if you’re kitty is one that likes catnip, s/he’ll like The Natural Pet Company 100% Natural Catnip.

We’re having a beautiful sunny day today, so I’m hoping for some leash time outside. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – We received the catnip free from The Natural Pet Company. We were not paid to write this review and our opinion, as always, is our own.

Road Trip Day 6

Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome to day 6 of our trip.

M drove us up through Door County, which is on the little thumb of Wisconsin that sticks out into Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful drive! The trees were just starting to turn colors, the weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful day. We bought presents for mom’s friends for Christmas and some presents for Kirsten, too.

One more installment to come – days 7-9. I know I said it was an 8 day roadtrip, but I counted wrong. *embarrassed* What can I tell you? I’m just a little wookie. I don’t count so good. LOL See you tomorrow!

Road Trip Day 5

Hope you’re having a great Saturday. I’m up to day 5 of Mom’s and my road trip to Green Bay. This was the big day. We went to Green Bay for 2 main reasons –  to meet @mariodacat’s M & D and to go to Lambeau Field! We’re Packer fans in our house. Of course the Broncos come first on our list of favorite teams, but the Packers are on that list too.

More than any other field still standing, Lambeau Field has a lot of history to it. So to see the stadium and the hall of fame there was fantastic. There’s history everywhere you look! Statues, stuff on the walls, photos and murals, and mountains of memorabilia! Of course, mom went photo crazy as always. And I got a Packers sweatshirt! Mom had to buy a little bear to get the sweatshirt. She took the shirt off the bear and asked the salesgirls to give the bear to a little kid. The bear found a very good home with a two year old boy who fell in love with it!

So now it’s picture time! As always, mouse over to see captions and click to biggify.

Lambeau Field was so exciting! But that was just the first part of the day. After we were done there we picked up M and went out to lunch. Mom loves being by the water. So after lunch, that’s where we went. We went to Communiversity Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. Sorry for all the bird pictures. Mom’s obsessed with taking pictures of birds, especially in flight.

You’d think that was enough for one day, but the day wasn’t over yet! It was D’s birthday, so Mom took M & D out to dinner. We had ribs. They were sooooooooooooooo nommy.

Hope you can tune in tomorrow for day 6!