What an adventure!

Happy Sunday everyone. I told you I’d have something really special for you today and I do. Mom had an amazing adventure this summer. She got to go to Switzerland! All the stuffies fought over who would get to go with her. In the end, Kiwi won. He’s easy to pack, stands up nicely, and he’s never been on a trip with mom before. And since he originally came to us from d’Artagnan Rumblepurr in New Zealand, he’s quite the international traveler already. So I’m gonna let Kiwi take it from here.

The Alps
The Alps

Hi pals. Kiwi here! I can’t believe I was the lucky one who got to go to Switzerland with mom to visit Auntie Kirsten. We were mostly in Zurich, but we rode trains, trams, buses, and boats all over the country. It was so beautiful there.

The picture above was taken from the roof of the apartment building Auntie Kirsten was staying in. You could see so much of the city from there and when the weather was clear, you could see the Alps. We were very lucky with the weather. It rained lots in the days before we got there and again after we left. But we only had 1 day of rain when we were there. It didn’t stop us though! We still went out walking around Zurich.

Mom took hundreds of pictures. She helped me use Shutterfly to make a book of the pictures and posted the pictures and the book on the Shutterfly site. And no, Shutterfly didn’t ask us to do a review and didn’t give us anything for this. Mom’s used Shutterfly for years. Anyway, here’s the link to the Shutterfly site: https://cherylsadventures8.shutterfly.com/. Some of mom’s past travels with other stuffies are posted there too. You can see just the pictures, or the book with my comments in it. You’ll have to forgive my typos – typing with a beak isn’t very accurate.

The one thing we really wanted to see but didn’t was the Matterhorn. We rode the Glacier Express all the way to Zermatt, but when we got there it was cloudy and raining. Sigh. Otherwise, the trip was perfect. Mom got to see everything else on her must see list, and we had lots of nommy eats. I do have to say that the restaurants there are very expensive. We wound up packing lunch every day to save some money. The hotels there are also very expensive so we were glad Auntie Kirsten let us stay with her. Now I’m gonna turn this back over to Pumpkin.

Thanks Kiwi. I’m so jealous that the stuffies get the best adventures. I know I get to go some places with mom, but they get to go to the really exciting places. *pout* Anyway, that’s all for today. Have a great week everyone!