Cat Breeds – What to Choose?

Are you thinking about getting a cat? If you are, there’s lots to think about. At the top of list – what breed to get? Cat breed is very important when choosing a four-legged companion to spend the next 10 to 20 years with!

Every breed has its own distinct personality. Some are really curious, some are extremely high energy, some are very laid back. Some do well with children and other pets, some need to be only kitties. Do you live in a house or an apartment? Will the kitty be indoor only or indoor-outdoor? All these things matter when choosing a cat.

You’ll also want to consider the cat’s size and coat. Full grown cats can range from as small as 4 or 5 pounds to over 25 pounds! How much grooming do you want to do? Short hair cats need less grooming than long hairs, and some long hairs are easier to care for than others.

Look at Candy, EK, and me. We’re three different breeds and as different as night and day on all levels. I’m a Maine Coon mix and I’m purrfect, of course. I have long hair, but it doesn’t tangle and mat like some long hairs. And I think I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m just gorgeous and floofy! I’m playful, but pretty laid back. I’m very intelligent and good at inventing games.

EK is a Siamese mix. He’s also very smart, but much more active. He’s always into everything and makes lots of trouble. He hogs all the toys and interrupts every game even if mom just spent a long time playing with him. He wants all the attention. He’s got short hair that’s kind of course and gets stuck in clothes a lot more than mine does.

Then there’s Candy. She’s a funny duck. She’ll play, but she really has to be pushed. Where EK and I will cuddle any time, Candy only wants attention when Mom’s getting ready for work or for bed. Mom can sit on the sofa for hours and no sign of Candy. As soon as Mom starts getting ready for bed, Candy’s all over her begging for attention. She’s also a short hair like EK, but her fur is extremely soft like a rabbit’s fur.

So that’s a little bit about cat breeds. Happy hunting for your new, four-legged friend!

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